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   Chapter 430 Can You Bring Him Back (1)

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As soon as Mark got out of the house, he informed the latest news to Tristan. He told him something happened to Richie's father and Richie went abroad to deal with it as well as his mother.

The person in charge of Sruthan Building now was the second son of the Ye Clan, who was very diligent and not ambitious, but had an ambitious wife. If they wanted to do something, they had to take the opportunity.

Moreover, it was close to the day when Consuela would give birth to her babies.

Judging from her belly, he could tell that Consuela would give birth the babies very soon.

He threw out the words he wanted to say, "Since you are worried, do you want to go to the spot and have a look?"

One by one, they were all routine hooks. The bait on them made people feel helpless.

Consuela gave him a cold smile and added, "You should have seen how I look like now. If I go there and get into trouble, I just can't help him and even cause him trouble."

She didn't know what was on this man's mind.

"Consuela, don't be angry. I am just making an assumption. Don't make the babies get hurt."

She lowered her head and stuffed the well cut steak into her mouth. The smile at the corners of her mouth was somewhat obscene, but when she raised her head, she had erased all the traces on it.

He looked helpless.

It seemed that he was really just joking. Seeing that she was so excited, he felt a little scared.

"Don't worry. I'm not that fragile." Consuela push the plate in front of her and gave him a friendly smile.

There happened to be no servants guarding around her. She simply had no helper at all. It was impossible for her to fight against this fox like man alone.

Although he looked harmless.

An innocent look flashed through Consuela's eyes as she thought of Tristan.

'Isn't it always this harmless look, which raised people's sympathy, and finally gave them a violent blow?'

Then she walked into her bedroom.

Foreign gunfight information was being reported on TV.

She looked up at the time, and it

ng now was old and dilapidated. It was a broken house without any wind or rain.

Wendy restrained her expression. But she could still make him feel a little sad from her red eyes. She shook her head and said, "I don't regret it."

She was just a little selfish.

She just hoped that he could think of her when someone mentioned him in the future.

More importantly, she was really worried.

"You don't regret it, but you're frightening father. Listen to me, drink the milk and go to bed. Let me escort you."

He had grown up and didn't need to stay under their wings anymore.

Wendy raised her head and looked at the man who was saying. On his fair and handsome face, there was a pair of eyes like his father. The way he smiled was exactly the same as her.

"But I'm still worried. Look at me..."

She wanted to say that if she could solve so many people, she would not let them be easily caught. She didn't need others to worry too much.

"Mom, there are not so many miracles in the world, and you should know, with your jack-of-all-trades Kung Fu, what contribution can you make to the fighting of the desperado, besides adding another hostage?"

Wendy's face turned gray. When she raised her head, there was no more joy in her eyes.

As if his words had been completely agreed, she said, "When I wake up, can you bring your father back?"

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