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   Chapter 427 Work On Another Field

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Her high-heeled shoes knocked on the clean floor.

The corridor was filled with an unknown fragrance of flowers. Consuela could tell from the blush on her face that her curious eyes were covered by the big sunglasses.

She sensed that there was something fishy in the fragrance.

Before she could figure out something, the people in front of her suddenly stopped, smiled and handed her the magnet card. "Madam, here it is. Wish you a happy night."

Consuela gave her the tip. Then she pressed her lips and looked at the room on which the same number was displayed as the card.

She shook her head with a smile.

She wouldn't be able to be happy tonight.

With the card in hand, she opened the door, not enchanting as she had imagined, only to hear a familiar cold voice, which said in a neither too low nor too high voice, "You're really an idiot. You've learned how to fool me like this."

Although these words were brief, they gave an inexplicable sense of coldness.

Then came the cry of the woman, along with the sound of throwing things.

Grasping the doorknob nervously, Consuela didn't know what to do.

Maybe it was because the people in the room were too absorbed, so they didn't notice her invasion.

However, Consuela seemed to have realized something, Angie and Tristan.

However, she looked down at the card in her hand, not understanding it.

Since she had already given the room card to Richie, why did she ask another man to come with her? Did she like the three of them to share a bed in love?

Consuela was silent for a few seconds. She felt embarrassed by her own thoughts.

She walked silently through the obvious flirtation decorations. Then she saw in the center of the room two persons lying on the bed. It had a lot of meaning.

Angie was wrapped up in a bed sheet, only her lower part of body exposed. Even though she was splashed with wine, her face was still very bright.

However, her face was still watery at this moment, and her eyes were


But according to her performance at the front desk, it should be remembered that she hadn't walked out for a long time, so... Maybe someone would help her to clean up the room...

No, they would not be here to clean up the room, but to clean up her.

Her face was as pale as a ghost. One could tell at a glance what she was thinking about. Letting out a sigh of relief, the man continued.

"You saw it?"

His casual question made Consuela nervous. She didn't know what to say?

Being confused, Consuela decided to play dumb. "No, I didn't. I just came in. I thought I could find a chance to teach Angie a lesson, but I didn't expect to see you here."

Angie, who was lying on the bed, didn't look as awkward as she said. She turned her head with disdain and said, "Well."

Consuela also leaned her head and didn't want him to see the obvious disguise on her face.

The man lowered his head, deep in thought, but said nothing to reassure her.

What should she do now when she broke through her husband's love and an unknown enemy's love affair! Waiting for the answer, it was urgent!

However, at this time, there was no other wise person that could help her.

"Or you can go on your work, and I'll leave for a while. Maybe the man gave me the wrong room card and he needs to deal with something else."

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