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   Chapter 426 Adultery Exposed

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When Consuela was listening to Wendy's narration in a daze, she was held into the woman's arms and lied down on the bed before she could say anything.

As the night lamp was turned off, the woman beside her let out a sigh.

She patted her hands subconsciously and tried to comfort her, "Dad will be fine. Don't worry too much."

In fact, she believed in Richie.

She didn't get to the point and couldn't help falling asleep. She didn't know what the person said later.

The next morning, when she woke up and found that there was no sign of Wendy on the bed, she rubbed her eyes and stood up. When she stretched out her hand to support herself on the bed, she suddenly felt that her palm hit a thin, hard card.

Consuela turned her head and saw the magnetic card soaked by the sun.

Oh, it was a room card of Richie.

She pressed her lips and put the magnet card in her pocket. Then she stood up and went downstairs for washing.

Due to the matter of his father, she looked not as angry as before. The servants hurried to serve her, and her grandfather was also in charge of the clan.

Richie trusted his uncle, Hawk, but he didn't trust Mrs. Hawk, a greedy and cruel woman. His grandfather knew his worries and said he was in charge.

He had nothing to do except worrying. It was better to find something to do to distract himself.

However, Wendy was still worried about Richie's father, so she contacted someone and flew abroad by the private plane.

No matter what kind of fate that man had, she didn't want to know it from others. If there was a glimmer of hope, she would create it for herself.

She only hoped that the man who pulled a long face would still be healthy even if he was happy.

Only she and carefree Susie were at the table. Even her annoying fiance was nowhere to be found.

Susie had lived abroad for a long time, but she was quite used to having Chinese food. Even when she was studying abroad, her mother sent several cooks to cook dishes for her in person.

Today's breakfast was western style. With knives and forks in her hands, she looked a little annoyed. Then she

nt there by herself directly. Before she took leave, she was forced to put on a pair of sunglasses.

She smiled and did not refuse.

When she was in the most popular hotel in L City with a room card in her hand and was ushered into the hotel, she saw clearly that the hotel attendant's eyes widened in shock.

The hotel attendant was a new employee, who seemed to have seen the room card for a few seconds and then looked at Consuela's belly before he said with a smile, "Madam, are you sure that you didn't come to the wrong place?"

Judging from the look on her face, Consuela didn't look like a woman who had caught her husband cheating on her. She looked so calm that she didn't have the ferocious expression on the face like those women's completely.

She wasn't sure about it.

Frowning, she pressed her lips and said, "Do I look like a person who can afford a room here?"

While speaking, she lifted her hand and pulled her sunglasses down, revealing a pair of eyes that were somewhat stunned.

Before the hotel attendant could say a word, she was pushed away by the long-term receptionist who had noticed something wrong. The receptionist smiled politely and said, "Sorry, madam, please don't mind. She is new here and doesn't know how to receive. I'll take you to your room now."

Then she turned around and gave the new attendant a stern look.

Consuela smiled and followed the person.

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