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   Chapter 423 Piss Him Off

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When Consuela turned her gaze towards the clock on the opposite wall, she saw the time on it. 'It's 2:40 am. It's not a good time to have a heart to heart talk, ' she thought.

However, it seemed that she was really influenced.

"Mom, it's getting late. How about you sleep here? I'll be here with you. Don't worry about Dad. He'll be fine,"

Wendy had the same idea. She did not refuse and went straight into bed.

As the light was off, Wendy's fragility was successfully disguised.

She closed her eyes and smiled, "That old man. In fact, I didn't think I liked him too much before. We're carrying out our marriage as if we were doing the task given by the elders."

Therefore, she had never expected that her emotions would be totally broken down like this when she knew that there might be something wrong with him.

Consuela couldn't find a word to comfort her. She held her hands and listened carefully to her. Sometimes, she would response to her.

Wendy smiled and said, "If the old man can't come back this time, I will..." I will find someone else to marry! "

As if in a fit of pique, there were still tears flickering in her eyes.

There was no other emotion in her smile.

Consuela's warm hand was also held by hers.

When the Ye Clan and the Su Clan got married for commercial purposes, that man's wife was not her, but her noble sister.

But later, she got married with that man by accident and became the wife of that solemn man. Although she didn't have much feelings for him, she was taken good care of by that man silently.

She didn't realize the truth until now.

She still remembered that the first time they met, she was under a locust tree in her hometown, waiting to frighten her sister, who had always been calm and expressionless.

She sat on the branch and looked down. The neighbor's dog by the lead of her was lying on the ground, sticking out its tongue lazily. It seemed that it had lost its energy.


ters of the Ye Clan, she suddenly passed out when she tried on the wedding dress.

The family doctor, however, was so happy for her. He congratulated her on her pregnancy.

The man beside didn't change his face. Her mother looked at him as if he was a beast. After the doctor left, he said coldly, "The child is not mine."

His eyes were calm as if he had nothing to do with the woman lying in the lounge.

However, the members of the Su Clan were slightly shocked by his words.

Wearing a bridesmaid dress, Wendy opened her eyes in confusion and didn't know what to say.

Her father's face darkened as if he wanted to spit out blood, while her mother couldn't help crying. Her voice was low but very harsh.

Then, the man who she always thought was very warm, grinned, without any warm smile, and said, "The Ye Clan will not allow me to raise other people's child, and also will not accept..."

He paused, as if he was trying to describe what this person was doing.

In the end, he moved his lips and said nothing, but the Su Clan had already understood what he wanted to say next.

The family battle was coming. Her father rolled up his sleeves and was about to hit her sister. "Bad girl, she's trying to piss me off!"

His face was as gloomy as water and his voice sounded heartbroken.

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