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   Chapter 421 Something Was Wrong

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No matter what she said, the other one would not cooperate.

Even if it was obvious that the other one owed her a lot, he could pretend to be righteous.

That was why Consuela had always been forced by this man. Probably, he was more shameless than her.

Richie gave her advice, "If you say something pleasant, we can talk nicely and be in the same line."

He gave her a meaningful smile, which made Consuela indignant.

What he wanted to talk about was not what she wanted to say. It seemed that they had nothing in common.

In no mood to talk to him anymore, she snorted, "You took the room card and planned to stay out tonight, didn't you?"

She really couldn't figure out which woman he was being with these days.

He approached her, took her by the wrist, passed over her head and pinched her chin with the other hand. Staring intensely into her eyes, he said, "Consuela, it hurts you to think about it every day. Do you feel awesome when you have a hard time?"

His tight grip made her feel uncomfortable. She could no longer keep her cool face.

His limbs and his body were laughing at her retreat.

"I don't think I am awesome. I just think you are so unreasonable! I know what you want. You want me to give the babies to you, and let Angie be Mrs. Richie. Then you can kick me out of the house!"

He had shown it too obviously. Only cowards would have made a concession.

However, they had never been in the same league. People who were more capable would surrender with their heads down.

Although they didn't do anything wrong or lose anything.

His roar was followed by a frown of Richie, who said impatiently, "Enough, Consuela."

Her eyes reddened. Then with the other hand, Consuela felt the card in the man's pants pocket and drew the card out of it.

She sneered, "What else do you want to deny?"

The black card was reflected by the light, which seemed to show p

about them, but she did know why her mother and father had been quarreling about something lately.

What was more, her father had become a busy executive of her cousin's company, Sruthan Group without any reason.

Now he even wanted to help him manage the company?

The intention of her parents was too obvious.

"Mom, don't you think you are asking too much?" Susie walked up to her mother and said unpleasantly.

The well made up woman waved her hand and forced her head back. "You silly girl. Why do you always help others? What do you know?"

The corners of her mouth twitched. Although she didn't know much about business, she was able to see through some social relationships.

Her mother was so happy to hear the sarcasm in her voice that she ignored other people's words.

However, no matter how hard she winked at him, her cousin didn't respond.

Heaving a sigh, Ronald looked around and felt helpless.

Indeed, his grandson was the most capable one here.

"Richie, remember to give us a message as soon as you find your father. I've made some connections over there. You can get in touch with them then."

Richie nodded. After he talked with him, the old man got sleepy. He was taken to the bedroom. And then Richie helped Wendy upstairs.

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