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   Chapter 417 I Want To Hear Your Voice

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After all, she wasn't the woman called Consuela.

She knew when to start.

Just now, she was so excited that she almost fought with the woman who pretended to be weak.

Although Consuela was not a good person, Angie was still a scheming bitch.

She would rather her cousin spend his remaining years alone than be with her.

However, when she heard his question, she didn't know how to answer it. When the man was about to reach Angie's car, Susie managed to ask, "Richie, you don't believe us. Do you want to make Consuela despair of you?"


Richie paused, but a moment later, he left directly.

Didn't she give up a long time ago?

As he comforted Angie to leave with him, he happened to see that Consuela came back in the car. She opened the car window a little due to the dizziness.

She didn't have the habit of looking out. When she was sitting beside the car window, Richie happened to see her, and his hand on the steering wheel was slightly stiff.

The car was out of control and ran directly to the lawn. Angie's eyes and nose were red with tears. She pinched the inner side of her thigh just now and she almost cried out in pain.

When she saw how he drove, she immediately exclaimed, "Richie, watch out the trees in front of you!"

Since she was too surprised, she raised her voice so high that it sounded as unpleasant as if her fingernails were pinching the glass window.

Sitting in the car, Consuela heard the driver sigh helplessly. "The lawn which was just pruned today was destroyed again."

She followed the driver's words and looked to the grass, only to see many traces appeared behind a red BMW.

The skillful driver turned the headstock which was about to hit a huge tree to make it go back to normal.

She sighed in disbelief as she was really surprised by the person's skills.

Could this person driving on the grass to show off his fantastic driving skill?

Before she could say anything els

three years, she didn't buy it!

Wendy didn't care what Consuela was thinking about. She just tried to change the topic and asked her what she had done outside today.

However, it was impossible for her to tell Wendy what had happened today. They sat together and told lies absentmindedly.

They got along very well.

After washing her face and brushing her teeth, she walked out of the bathroom. As she charged her phone, a familiar name jumped on her phone.


Consuela's mouth twitched. She knew that the man had unbuttoned her phone before and saved her phone number.

The phone rang for a long time, but she didn't intend to answer it.

He didn't stop until her hair was about to be dried by her hands.

But soon a message was sent.

"If you don't answer the phone, I will make your phone explode."

It was an obvious threat to Consuela. She raised her head in disbelief and decided to ignore it. When she held her phone in her hand, she found it a little hot.

She was stunned for two seconds and then texted back. "What did he install in my phone?"

Tristan replied quickly, "Have a guess."

This time, she didn't have to listen to him and make a call. She put on a false smile and asked, "What do you want to do?"

Tristan smiled, "I want to hear your voice."

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