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   Chapter 414 Not killed (2)

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Although Sheryl hated her sister so much, she had to pretend to be a thoughtful elder sister and to be kind to her, who was nice and kind to her all the time.

Sometimes, jealousy had driven her crazy.

Her parents always took Consuela as a treasure, but were strict with her, as if she were someone else's child.

Sheryl had learned to act according to people's expressions at a very young age, and she knew that she should not do something wrong and forced herself to grow up.

However, her sweet and innocent sister had always been living happily all the time.

When Consuela was only five years old, she had once pushed her sister into a swimming pool. That time her sister hadn't reached her shoulders.

Her face turned red because of the lack of oxygen, and she inexplicably felt the joy of revenge at the bottom of her heart.

However, after Consuela was rescued in the end, she was afraid of water. Wherever she went, she would add one more sentence seriously: wherever there was water, she couldn't stay too long.

However, because of that incident, although no one had complained to her, her parents' attitude towards her was also changing quietly.

However, Consuela had never doubted about it before.

"Sheryl, what's the matter with you?"

Consuela's question brought her mind back to the present. Looking at her sister with baby fat, she almost couldn't help but give her a scornful smile.

She relaxed a little and said with a smile, "Don't worry. I was just thinking about a new design project of our company. Suddenly, I got an inspiration."

Sheryl said with a teasing smile.

Confused, Consuela merely nodded and smiled.

In the eyes of the man who was sitting opposite to her and having already calmed down, they looked very intimate.

He had asked someone to drug Tristan.

When the man led Consuela out of the box, he also informed the paparazzi who had ambushed here for a long time

the time with a smile and said, "It's getting late. Let me send you home."

Since the two ladies didn't want to be the third wheel, they turned down their offer to be the third wheel. Stacy rolled her eyes and snapped, "That's boring. I came here to watch you two fight. If you dare do this again, please don't bother me."

The man who was about to be her husband, "..."

After a while, Stacy got in her car and intended to leave. But he turned to the two girls and apologized, "I'm sorry."

Sheryl managed to conceal her impatience in her eyes and said with a smile, "It doesn't matter."

However, Consuela didn't budge a little and simply said, "Stacy is driving the car away."

He was in the same car with her, but he didn't think much when Stacy offered to help him.

Now that he could see the woman clearly through the window, he ran to the car in a hurry.

"Stacy, you can't be so unreasonable!"

"I'm an unreasonable woman. If you can't stand me anymore, get out of here!"

Stacy was really angry. When she raised her voice, the entire parking lot was filled with domineering sound.

However, the man did not give up. "You stop first. Let's have a talk."

Without saying anything, Stacy stepped on the gas and sped up.

Sheryl and Consuela wondered, "..."

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