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   Chapter 413 Not killed (1)

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She didn't say anything when Susie was changing the chessboard.

The man who was sitting next to Susie and peeling melon seeds wholeheartedly lowered his head. The smile at the corners of his mouth was very intriguing.

Although Susie didn't hear what they were talking about, he could hear them clearly as he had a good sense of hearing when he was young.

Of course, he knew the right-hand assistant of Tristan, Angie, but he didn't know what task she had received recently.

And she even came here to make trouble.

But he believed that it was better to know the facts of the situation and not to ask too many questions with his present identity.

However, the smile on Susie's face didn't seem the same. She asked, "What's the matter, aunt? Why are you smiling so happily?"

Wendy blinked and smiled, "I'm just trying to protect your cousin from a bad woman."

'She is indeed a bad woman. She made my son look so bewitched.'

"A bad woman?" Susie replied.

It was not until Wendy blocked her way that she said with a smile, "Your cousin was almost killed by that woman. Don't you think it can be regarded as a bad woman?"

Susie squinted at her and said, "I want to meet her!"

Her abrupt move scared his fiance. He had just peeled the melon seeds and had planned to feed the woman but throw them to the ground.

Then he stood up quietly and pressed her back to her seat. He smiled, "You'd better play chess first. Every time you're about to be caught, you think about excuses to escape. This is not good."

Susie's real intention was seen through. She stuck out his tongue and then said in an indignant tone, "You are really good at disgracing your family!"

"Stop it. You play chess with aunt first. I'll go check it for you."

Wendy comforted her with a smile, "Susie, it's not a big deal. Let's finish this chess first. Mark can go to see her first."

They finally persuaded Susie to stay th

nd walked up to her. She asked politely, "Are you all right, Consuela?"

Amused by her caring expression, Consuela put one of her hands on her belly and gave her a hug with difficulty.

"Don't worry," she tried to comfort her sister in a strong voice.

Sheryl snorted, thinking that it was a pity.

According to the words of the young man's brother, it was said that the young man, Tristan, was extremely strange, imperious, and more bold relying on his family property.

In short, all the bad words could be used on that person.

She also heard that the man lived abroad all the year round. When he went crazy, he even hired people to beat pregnant women. Later, he was sent to the police station. It took his parents a lot of money to redeem him.

Although it was a long time ago, they didn't want to mention it now. But it struck Sheryl on the head, making her understand something.

Since Consuela was lucky to have met such a man, she decided to stay out of this matter for the moment. But she didn't say anything to retort them this time.

Although she had been expressing her worries for Consuela but hadn't taken any practical action.

When Consuela returned safe and sound, the two girls on the scene were stunned, their expressions changing dramatically.

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