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   Chapter 412 Behave Obviously (2)

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The wind was blowing crazily.

The sound of the wind bell broke into pieces.

Tristan sat up straight, took out the earring he had just put in and said with a smile, "Angie, everyone is greedy. I don't blame you for what you had done before..."

As the woman was holding her breath, he continued, "But you'd better talk less and work more to ensure the value of your life."

What an unscrupulous threat!

Angie's face turned pale, even paler than Tristan who had taken the medicine, as if she had got some unhealthily troublesome disease.

Tristan raised his head to look at her, his eyes scrutinizing the expression on her face and finally settling on her lips.

On her snow-white face and her right lips, there was a small mole.

It was on the same place as Consuela.

In fact, Angie was wrong. She didn't resemble Consuela at all, not even her face.

But the woman believed in it all the time, so she had such an illusion.

But he didn't want to explain more.

It was true that the reason why he had taken the person away from the slum was because of Consuela.

He had been too impulsive and was born free and unrestrained. He didn't understand why he had a crush on Consuela.

He happened to take Angie, who was completely different from Consuela, with him. He thought that he could forget the girl who didn't remember his name and still didn't reply his love letter.

However, the girl still didn't remember him later, but he had been deeply poisoned himself with love and then had no cure at all.

Some people were like the light, warming body and penetrating the heart, which was unable to be completely imitated, even if he was just angry and wanted to change taste.

However, it was just because of this change in taste that his thoughts were clearer.

Thinking of this, he looked up at Angie again, with a smile in his eyes, just like the sun in the winter, without any temperature.

In addition, such kind of warmth couldn't be given to anybody else.

game, and after losing, she would feel shameful and liked to mess the chess.

She was unwilling to submit in any way.

A servant came over all of a sudden. She looked a little nervous, and then leaned up to Wendy's ear and whispered about Angie under the nod of Wendy.

There was no change in Wendy's face. She just smiled lightly and said, "Since she likes to wait so much, let her wait well."

That servant hesitated for a moment. She didn't think that was what a hospitable lady should say. But from the smile on her face, it seemed that she really didn't want to welcome the beautiful woman with an exquisite face outside.

She was a little silly, then asked again, "How can I refuse her, Mrs. Ye?"

Wendy raised her eyebrows and said emotionally, "You have stayed in the Ye's house for so many years. You don't even know how to make up the story?"

Her helpless face and innocent expression frightened the servant. But she understood what the woman meant in a moment, nodded and left.

Since Wendy didn't say anything, how should she reply?

'So I will make the best use of it and later make up some random excuses to refuse him.

If she was determined not to leave, then it was her business, not mine.'

Wendy felt much better now. Even when she played chess, she felt like she was floating in the air.

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