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   Chapter 411 Behave Obviously (1)

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When this man opened his eyes, Angie was still thinking about what would happen to him, but she did not expect that he would say the words like this.

Did her appearance disturb him?

Angie's eyes reddened. She took two steps back and smiled, "I'm sorry. I'm just worried about you."

She looked down and pursed her lips, as if she was waiting for being punished. However, she secretly tightened her hand on her side.

When she approached the man, she saw an earring that only women would wear. Not long ago, she had seen it on Consuela's ear.

Although it was not a limited edition or special, it always gave her a sense of crisis.

Tristan's special treatment made her uneasy.

"You are supposed to apologize. Now that Richie's men must have known the relationship between us, you don't have to pretend anymore."

The man didn't show any happiness or anger. He just kept his eyes open and blinked as if he was tired. The smile on the corner of his mouth was precisely alienated, as if he had practiced it countless times in front of the mirror.

Angie clenched her fists, "Mr. Tristan..."

"You don't have to explain. It's no big deal. Sooner or later, the matter will be disclosed. It's just making trouble for myself to blame you." Tristan raised his hand, and from the corner of his eye he saw a twinkling object. He squinted slightly.

He reached out his hand and picked up the tiny diamond earrings.

It belonged to Consuela.

He couldn't help smiling and Angie saw it all. The look in her eyes changed slightly, and she couldn't utter a word.

"You go first. I have to order you to see me in the future, otherwise you'd better stand ten meters away from me." He wiped off the dust from the earring in his hand and put it into his pocket.

All this time, his eyes did not fall on Angie, which made the woman extremely frustrated.

Since the very beginning, she had always felt that there was something wrong with the way he looked at her, as if he had seen anoth

he ground until her body was pressed against the cold wall.

"I didn't investigate, but your behavior is too obvious."

He asked her to come out and sabotage that man's family relationship, and he also said that he would make Richie go bankrupt and become a pauper. Under such circumstances, he asked her not to harm Consuela.

Obviously, the best revenge was that the pregnant woman lost her babies.

But this cruel man stopped her.

At the beginning, she didn't think there was anything wrong.

Because he had never ordered her to do anything harmful to the pregnant woman, even if he was a little cruel and evil.

Until she suddenly remembered it later, she realized the seriousness of the matter.

Now she just couldn't stand it anymore. So she just wanted to explain everything to this man frankly.

She knew she had always been a person without much courage in front of Tristan. If she didn't seize the opportunity to make a clear explanation now, there would be a chance for her in the future, but she didn't dare to mention it in front of Tristan.

"So what?" Tristan smiled lightly. He neither denied nor admitted, as if he was trying to make her happy on purpose.

Angie, however, fluttered her eyelashes, realized that she had crossed the line.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Tristan. I was just too anxious."

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