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   Chapter 408 Be Drugged

If You Want Me By Qing Cha Characters: 6515

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Consuela was taken out of the room. The man next to her even grabbed her arm with his warm hands.

The door was not closed. She could hear the man's growl and the sound that something touched the ground

Then it was the sarcastic words of the woman. The man led her to walk faster, so that she could not hear clearly what the woman inside was saying.

When the man took her hand and walked towards the elevator, Consuela stopped and steadied herself. It took a while for her to realize what was happening.

With a slight grin on his face, Tristan asked, "What's wrong?"

Consuela replied angrily, "When will you stop being so unreasonable?"

She had been kidnapped by him at the wedding ceremony, and now it was a pure slander of her. She was an accomplice of him in sabotaging the wedding.

What was the purpose of inviting her to this kind of dinner?

'He even plans to tell his family's affairs to an outsider?'

Tristan let out a sigh and reached out his hand to grab the woman. Sensing his intention, the woman took two steps backwards, only to see the iron suitcase shut behind him.

A slight closing sound was heard and slowly flowed between the two of them.

With a soft smile on his face, Tristan said, "Do you think you can be saved under such a circumstance?"

A complete threat.

Startled, Consuela quickly turned her head to the other side of the corridor, only to find that no one was walking on it as if no one had ever paid any attention to it.

Her lips were pale. She wanted to smile at him, but showed an expression that was uglier than crying. "Don't scare me. I'm a coward."

Tristan stepped back two steps, leaning on the two iron doors, smiled awkwardly, "Someone drugged me just now. If I kept staying there, I would be killed."

With her eyebrows furrowed, Consuela said worriedly, "That's impossible. Your brother was in the room just now."

Before she finished her words, she clearly found tha

1.9 meters tall, even though he looked very thin.

Gasping for breath, Consuela pushed him into the room. Then, she saw a woman in a pink nurse uniform kneeling on a sofa, adjusting the solution in her hand.

She didn't turn to look at him and only smiled, "I really can't stand you anymore. I told you that I could personally detoxify you. You didn't want it at all. Look at you. You're so uncomfortable."

The woman said in disbelief.

Since the woman's back was to her, she couldn't see her face clearly. She could only pat his face to make him loosen his grip on her arm.

While turning her head to the woman, she asked, "Can you come here to treat him as soon as possible? It seems he can't bear any more."

The bottle of solution that was held on the woman's hand fell on the floor, crack

Consuela was rendered speechless.

"Oh my God! He has a woman..."

The woman was stunned. She turned around and was about to leave, but when she saw Consuela's large belly, she kept silent and the corners of her mouth twitched, as if she didn't know what to say.

Consuela went silent too.

Tristan's body was burning. He only wanted to rest on her and cool himself down.

With the last trace of sanity, he said hoarsely, "Jessie, don't force me to change another family doctor."

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