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   Chapter 406 The Partner

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The pone was from Sheryl.

The ringtone of the phone kept ringing. Consuela got even more annoyed.

When she raised her hand to answer the call, the woman on the other end of the line abruptly uttered a few words without waiting for her to ask anything. It was not until the phone was hung up that Consuela came back to her senses.

"Mrs. Richie, is there anything wrong?" Miranda asked worriedly, when she saw Consuela's face change.

In fact, she wanted to know more whether it was about Mr. Richie.

There were a lot of small cakes on the table, and they looked delicious. Consuela stretched out her hand, but her hand froze in midair, and then withdrew.

She blinked her eyes and said indifferently, "I was framed."


Before the maid could figure it out, the woman began to go to the bedroom, change her clothes and let the maid prepare the car, and also let her inform Wendy.

The whole process of her task was sort of a shock to Miranda. She didn't come to her senses until the moment they drove away.

She slapped her thigh. That was a bad thing.

She didn't know where Mrs. Richie would go or when she would come back, let alone whether she was safe or not.

Miranda whined and ran backwards in a hurry.

'I have to inform Mrs. Ye and ask her what to do.'

At the moment, Consuela, who was sitting in the car, squinted her eyes and read the text messages sent by others in her phone. She was puzzled.

She was framed by a good-looking young man.

Thinking of that man, she couldn't wait to bite him to death.

He had not only been a good threat to Consuela, but had also been able to slander her.

The place they had made an appointment to meet was a famous, century old, simple, neat restaurant. When she was in high school, she had been recommended to come here to have a meal.

It didn't change even when she came in again.

Everything in the restaurant was in a sense of age.

After Consuela accept

d. Take it easy."

The corners of Consuela's mouth twitched. She silently moved sideways.

She yelled in her mind, 'Man, don't get close to me! We are not even friends!'

The expression on her face was ugly as if she had just eaten a shit.

However, the people around didn't know her expression at that moment. They just looked at each other in a different way. As expected, the two of them had an indecent and secret look in their eyes.

Tristan gave a bigger smile. When he leaned over, he said with a smile, "Why are you so nervous? I won't do anything to you and your unborn babies."

The words were whispered by her ears with warm breath. Consuela raised her hand and pushed him away. Tristan smiled and said, "We're classmates. Don't be shy."

Although the statement was simple, it revealed the shameless nature of the man in front of her.

Consuela's eyelids twitched. She didn't remember she had such an old classmate. She had no impression of him at all!

The face of the man in the seat of honor darkened. He sneered as he saw the interaction between the two. Suddenly, he stood up and said, "You were trying hard to bring her here. Now that she's here, tell me the truth about the trouble you two have made together!"

He said calmly, but his face looked a little fierce.

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