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   Chapter 404 Have A Good Showing

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It snowed all of a sudden outside.

She didn't hold an umbrella, so her black coat was stained with snow and soon melted into water according to the temperature in the room.

Wendy glared at Richie and raised the corners of her mouth slightly. There was anger in her eyes. "If I don't come over, I don't know how my daughter-in-law will be bullied."

Looking at Consuela who was protected behind as if she was a weak pet, Richie raised his eyebrows and walked up to her. He stretched out his hand, trying to pull her over.

However, he was slapped by Wendy, "If you want to talk, just talk directly. Why do you act like this?"

While speaking, she took two steps backwards and patted Consuela's hand. "Don't be afraid, Consuela. No one can hurt you as long as I'm here with you," Wendy said with a smile.

Her underlying meaning was clear. She didn't want Richie to think about anything else.

If he wanted to explain anything, she thought that he'd better speak it out now. Otherwise, she would keep defending Consuela, not letting the couple have any chance to get along with each other alone.

Richie felt wronged. He just wanted to make fun of her. He didn't expect that they took it seriously.

He didn't budge a little and stood still. Smiling softly, he asked Consuela, "Did I scare you?"

Wendy came over very soon. When she heard the words sent by Miranda, she immediately forgot that the bully was his son.

Of course she had seen the actions of Richie when he was talking to Consuela, but the expression on his face hadn't been seen clearly because of the position of his movement.

'But it doesn't seem to be a good thing since one hand is placed on the neck, the other one is placed on the belly and the hands are tightening slowly.'

Who would use such posture to tickle others?

As a woman who had lived for so many years, Wendy really didn't know that a man would show his love to a woman in such a posture. At the thought of this, she opened her eyes wide and retorted.

"Or what do you t

ar, Consuela sat in the backseat beside the window. With the heater on, Consuela could see the thick snow through the window.

Consuela leaned against the car window, her face deadpan.

Sitting next to Consuela, Wendy raised her hand to cover her hand. She gently smoothed her long hair and said with a smile, "Don't think about that bastard. It's all right. If he is so minded, he will definitely come to find you."

Blinking her eyes, Consuela didn't say a word.

But Wendy continued to say, "Don't worry, I know what he is thinking now."

She knew what was on her son's mind.

And she could also figure out why they were in such a complicated relationship.

Angie was like a thorn in their flesh. She stood in the way between them, and gave them a hard time.

"Consuela, even for the sake of the babies, you shouldn't be too negative. As long as your babies are born safely, no one will be able to pull you out of this position,"

With a bitter smile, Consuela said, "Mom, I know."

Looking down at her belly, she raised her hand to touch it with a bitter smile, and her eyes were shining with the stars.

She whispered, "Babies, you have to have a good showing."

Wendy turned her head, and her eyes were slightly red.

As a matter of fact, it was true that they have to fight hard, or neither of them would be better off.

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