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   Chapter 402 Who Spread The Rumor

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How badly was she bullied?

With her eyebrows furrowed, Consuela said in confusion, "You seem to know more about my life than I do? What do you mean by 'being bullied'?"

Why didn't she remember that at all?

Richie looked at her with a faint smile and said, "Do you really want me to tell you?"

Since the young man had only wanted to put to the shame on her, Consuela wasn't afraid of him and blurted out, "You say it. They all say that a pregnant woman will be stupid for three years. Now I really have a bad memory."

He shifted his eyes from her abdomen to her somewhat ugly face, and shook his head lightly.

Richie did not think so.

If he really wanted to have a talk with his wife, he would surely try his best to please her. After all, he had never thought that Consuela was the most irrational pregnant woman in front of him.

"Last time you had a quarrel with Harry at your home and cried bitterly. If you had won him with your mouth, things wouldn't have ended like that."

After a short pause, she said, "You won't win the person you really care about with your mouth, will you?"

As soon as she finished speaking, Consuela realized that she might have said something wrong.

She could not believe that she referred to Harry as a very important person all of a sudden.

Even though it happened in the past. But now it seemed that Richie could easily get hold of her and tear her apart.

Richie asked calmly, "So, as your husband and the father of your children, I am much less important in your heart than a scum who makes you cry?"

He naturally crossed one of his legs in an elegant and noble manner, and his eyes were sharp together with coldness.

The topic had been changed.

Just like what he said, she explained repeatedly, "Huh, who told you that it was him that hurt me at that time?"

She had done that to irritate him first, even though she had left the remark in her phone by accident.

She was good at gaugi

asked, "Were you confessing your love to me just now?"

She had thought that this man would give her a good explanation, and that she would have a lot of things to tell him, trying to make up a story. But to her surprise, the question caught his attention.

She opened her eyes wide at that moment. She pressed her lips and said calmly, "Don't change the topic. Answer my question quickly. What do you take me for?"

The emotions that she had managed to shape couldn't be completely destroyed by this young man's words.

Her face inexplicably flushed. It was a little hot, which could make her feel clearly.

Consuela said to herself it was just the heating in the room and she was still wearing thick clothes, so she was a little so warm that she blushed.

Or it was just because she was so angry that she blushed.

However, no matter how she explained, she could not escape the heart that started to beat.

Looking at the woman opposite him who was actually shy but still kept her eyes wide open, he licked his lips calmly.

He asked, "Who told you that rumor?"

It was a very simple action, without any emotion, but it made Consuela feel a little hot.

Sure enough, someone was like the kind of walking aphrodisiac, which could make people completely manic and their blood spurt out.

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