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   Chapter 401 Smooth Teeth

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The wind howled and the temperature dropped.

Consuela bit her lips, and said coldly, "Okay, let's go."

She got in the car and sat on the passenger seat. Her face was stiff. As she was getting in the car, she took a look at the place where Richie was standing.

As the car started, she closed her eyes and said, "In fact, I just saw Angie's clothes."

Tim looked through the rearview mirror silently, seeing nothing. He didn't dare to talk to Consuela at this moment.

He was here to rescue that man, but he did not come to be a shield against the fire of the woman.

In fact, he was afraid that he might hurt Consuela.

After all, she was pregnant now.

He kept silent all the way. He didn't know what to say or how to say. Consuela just sat there in silence, without raising her head.

She took out the same cellphone as Richie's and texted him to come back early. Both of them needed time to talk.

Richie didn't reply her message, so she just held on to her phone and looked out of the window.

While enjoying the pleasant scenery outside.

When she got back to the villa, she didn't even say a fake greeting to Tim, while Tim said that he had something to do in the company and left directly.

After making sure that the car was completely out of sight, Consuela turned around and started to move backwards. However, as soon as she turned around, she heard a screech of brakes.

She clasped her cell phone with a little strength. She didn't turn around to look at the car behind her until her fingers turned white.

She looked directly into the man's eyes.

She didn't see Angie beside him.

The man walked down steadily with a faint smile on his face. "Why did you come out wearing so little? Come on in."

Consuela didn't say a word. She walked up to him, opened her eyes and grabbed his wrinkled suit.

She chuckled, "let's go together."

It wa

secret in her heart all the time.

When she went downstairs, Richie had changed to a different posture, lying lazily on the sofa, holding his mobile phone and talking to someone in voice.

The expression on his face was sleepy, but what he said was the opposite.

He was reprimanding his men. Consuela squinted her eyes at the man, feeling that this was too much of a coincidence.

When she came downstairs, the man began to give someone a lesson.

In the final analysis, it was just another way to escape the following conversation between them.

Consuela raised her leg and walked over to him. She sat opposite him and began to time how long he would last.

She put the recording pen into her pocket and casually looked up at Richie. She kept absolute silence when he spoke. After a long time, when he put down his phone, she said, "You seem to be very busy these days. Do you need to go out later?"

The man who failed in disguise shook his head and touched the cuff link.

"Oh, I thought you put off your business for the party."

Richie laughed all of a sudden. His serious face couldn't darken any more. He said helplessly, "If you could have such a sharp tongue in front of others, you wouldn't have been bullied like that before."

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