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   Chapter 397 So Lucky

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It was the next day that Consuela received an invitation from Debbie.

But she still didn't meet Richie at night.

Although the man had been always back home recently.

But he always came home late and left early, and there was no chance for them to meet at all.

It was a sunny day. Consuela banged the table angrily. The tools on the table trembled a little, which made Miranda feel uneasy.

After hesitating for a long while, she finally asked, "Mrs. Richie, did you hurt your hand?"

Consuela didn't respond.

Her hand was red and swollen, but she deserved it. How could she tell others?

So she shook her head and refused to answer this question. She directly asked, "Has Mr. Richie been avoiding me recently?"

Although it was a question, she looked determined.

As an accomplice, Miranda kept an eye on the movements of Mrs. Richie, her eyes trembling, and then answered lightly, "Mrs. Richie, don't think too much. Maybe it's just that Mr. Richie is a little busy recently."


She wondered how busy he was. He didn't even plan to confront her once, and every day he would avoid meeting her.

She didn't believe it.

She glanced at Miranda and said, "Miranda, you are a good girl. You shouldn't be misled by Richie like this. Tell me again, are you in collusion with him?"

She was in collusion to collude with him.

One was responsible for exposing her personal information, while the other was reluctant to respond to her. This division of work was so clear that it made her feel uncomfortable.

"Mrs. Richie," Miranda said in a low voice. "What should I say?"

She didn't want to offend both of them.

After all, anyone who offended Mr. Richie was likely to be fired, while Mrs. Richie was able to plead for them. And Mr. Richie with such a changeable character was actually obedient to her.

After careful consideration, it seemed that neither of them could be offended.

Generally speaking, a forgivable person should not make a big mistake. How

her body with any dresses.

In front of a handsome young man, she snatched the business card from the man's hand and said: "Thank you for your kindness, sir."

Then she dragged Debbie aside, but Debbie stepped on her high-heeled shoes. She smiled and said, "Hey, what are you doing?"

At first, she was cheated by her soft tone and innocent and expectant eyes. She didn't ask anything and helped directly.

It seemed that she had something to deal with.

She shook her head and said with a sincere smile, "It's nothing. I'm just curious. I've never seen a big company's evening party before."

As a friend who she was so familiar with, Debbie curled her lips in disdain and said, "You can just blow it. If you have nothing to say, I will go there first."

Several guys were just passing her their name cards.

When Baron decided to marry her, she was just like he was taking advantage of her, which thoroughly angered her.

At that time, she also behaved like a servant. She just frowned and held her legs, saying, "Yes, you are right. I want to go with you."

Now she thought about it, she felt very spineless.

At this moment, someone gave her courage. When she saw it, she threw a pile of name cards on the fair face of Baron and let him know that he was so lucky.

He was so lucky to be able to marry her.

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