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   Chapter 393 A Failed Relationship

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She didn't know what he really wanted. How could he possibly have the posture as what other people wanted.

Consuela froze for a moment. When she was about to ask the man what Richie wanted, he ran away as quickly as he could, fearing that he would be questioned.

She was shocked and helpless.

Back to the villa, the servants were shuttling around, but somehow she felt empty.

Looking at the elegant lines on the ceiling, she pressed her lips and sighed.

This was a cage, decorated with all kinds of dangers. She didn't know what to do.

She was more like a frog confined in the middle of the cage, boiling with warm water, and she had never thought that she would escape.

The warm water not only didn't make people feel dangerous, but also made people lose everything.

Sitting on the sofa, Consuela couldn't hold her legs anymore. She was covering a woolen blanket, supporting her head with one of her hands and checking the time on the clock.

She wanted to wait for that person to come back and confront him face to face.

When she left, Angie even kindheartedly put the recording pen in her hand. The smile in her eyes was so wicked that it looked unpleasant.

However, she just frowned, held the recorder tightly in her smiling gaze, and did not say anything to refuse.

She cared about him.

Angie stood behind her and said, "Don't worry. I didn't leave any other sound."

The implication was that the recording in her hand was unique.

The corners of Consuela's lips twitched. She wanted to say something, but she shut her mouth at last.

There was no need to save her voice. It was over, wasn't it?

At this moment, she was sitting on the sofa, and the recording pen was on the tea table near her feet. The metal color of the pen made her feel a little uneasy.

As time went by, she did not wait for Richie to come back.

The warm food finally turned cold. When her eyes began to close involuntarily, the man still hadn't come back.


nows whether the little lotus will become a black heart flower?"

It was silent for seconds.

After that, someone shouted, "Mr. Howard, Mr. Richie doesn't need such special service. We really want this service. How about treating us equally?"

The look on Howard's face darkened. He waved his hand at the girl, who looked a bit like Consuela, and then he scolded, "You bastards! What are you thinking about? Have you ever wanted a woman like this?"

"Let's try something else."

"Hey, little girl, don't go..."

Although they were all spendthrift people, they were still people who had received upper class social education, and they did not act indecently any more.

On the other hand, when Richie was sitting on the leather seat, he slightly narrowed his eyes and drank. He was quiet as usual, but some strange things were happening.

Howard understood that this man was somewhat unhappy just now, so he didn't say anything more or talk to him. However, his eyes were still glued to him.

In fact, he always felt that Richie was a strong man with a mighty heart. He should not be troubled by any emotional problems.

'No, it's not because he shouldn't have that, but because it's unnecessary.'

For people like him, who could reach out for countless women, there was no need to be defeated by love.

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