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   Chapter 389 Her Story

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But the guilt was not aimed at her.

Consuela stopped eating, raised her head and looked at the woman who was drinking a glass of wine. She pursed her lips. 'I shouldn't have disturbed her, ' she thought.

Then she opened her mouth and took another bite.

Waiting for Angie to speak again.

Angie lowered her eyes, and the water in her eyes was as clear and bright as the wine in her glass, which was amazing.

She was a good-looking woman and always made Consuela feel guilty.

She was guilty of making Richie see her who was not good-looking.

His ex-girlfriends were either gorgeous or pure, but she was nobody.

Not to say face, but bed.

The first time they met, it was so romantic.

"Since it's the first time Richie and I have seen each other, we have a premonition that we have known each other in our previous lives and come here to find each other in this life."

Immersed in her own memories, Angie smiled broadly. Consuela didn't say anything, just silently ate her food and occasionally looked up at her.

That was perhaps love. It could make people think of a person, and the person would change, just like Angie at the moment.

She seemed to give off dazzling light which made her look so bright.

"But do you know that? I was forced to leave three years ago." She paused and took a deep breath before continuing, "At that time, I was just young and impulsive."

She stopped here, not wanting to say anything more.

Consuela frowned and remembered it.

The things Angie had said happened three years ago. But she met Richie three years later.

But that man, at this moment, was still reluctant to let her go, even though he had already got married and his wife was still pregnant for a few months.

"I regret what I have done for myself over the past three years. I hate myself for being young and frivolous, and I am fearless. I didn't decide to talk to you until I met Richie again and knew th

rt a marriage. Until I met you, I realized that in fact, compared with other methods, to get pregnant is more shortcut."

Clearly, she was implying something.

Consuela clenched the chopsticks in her hand, the color of her nails faded, leaving only a white.

"It doesn't matter to have a shotgun marriage. It is always better than those who keep talking about what happened three years ago. Or, now you can't feel his love for you, so you are reminding yourself of the happiness you had three years ago to cheat yourself?"

Consuela said in an aggressive voice.

Angie was so scared that she almost failed to control her facial expression. When she saw her reflection in that woman's dark eyes, she chuckled.

"I said that not to deceive myself. I just wanted to remind you that there was someone more excellent and suitable than you sitting on that seat."

What she wanted to say was that her relationship with Richie was based on the same undying love three years ago. However, Consuela didn't care about it at all. She just climbed up the seat by dirty means.

"Sometimes I wonder if you and Richie have made some kind of deal."

As Consuela held her breath for a while, she lifted her long hair and said, "You give birth to his children, and he helps the Xia Clan survive."

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