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   Chapter 386 Don't Be Afraid

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As soon as they stopped joking, the cheers came to their ears.

Consuela smiled and didn't say anything else.

But when Shirley Tian looked at her, she said, "why don't you ask me directly since you smile so creepy?"

That was how friends were. They would talk ill of others to the outsiders even though they knew what kind of person she was.

Once things quieted down, she would be hurtful.

Shirley Tian leaned over and whispered in her ear, "I'll ask you later. Let's have dinner first."

Consuela couldn't help but shiver. She didn't know how to defend herself.

She knew Shirley Tian when she was very young. She went to a noble school and her first friend was Shirley Tian.

As an illegitimate child, she had few friends at that time. The people around her were all those who liked bullying the weak.

But Consuela was sitting next to her.

Consuela had forgotten what she had done to make this beautiful, strong and soft girl treat her differently.

The party started, but she didn't see Tristan again.

The wedding was grand. The now couple exchanged the rings, kissing shyly.

Everyone raised their hands to the hottest applause.

Sitting in her seat, Consuela didn't hear any gossips. Her classmates who hadn't seen her for a long time wanted to get some information from her.

And her friend was always talking to her. She was a domineering woman. Others could not fight against her in a verbal battle, but could only pursed their lips and glared at her without saying a word.

When Sheryl came to toast, she said to her, "Consuela, if I'm drunk later, you call Harry and ask him to pick us up."

When she was about to ask if she could ask the driver of the Xia Clan to pick them up, the woman had turned around, with a glass of wine in her hand and a smile on her face.

She pressed her lips and looked at the phone that the woman had just put in her hand.

She didn't want to see that man, not at all.

Shirley Tian had drunk a lot of wine. When she felt dizzy, she sat down and leaned over to Consuela. Massaging

y of bride snatching groom, but the man was here to snatch the groom. The bride had nothing to do with it, but the groom didn't do that.

It was a developing trend of a mysterious story.

At the moment, they had a disagreement. As a result, the assistant of the mixed blood man outside the room seemed to be unable to see them anymore. He cursed a few dirty words and then began to smash things.

The security guards of the hall were late.

Consuela's jaw dropped when she saw the calm look on the bride's face. Her sister and Stacy, however, were standing at the entrance of the hotel gate, not willing to take any actions. As for the bride, she was curious about how she would react.

The more Shirley Tian looked at it, the more strange she was. She asked the man who was hiding beside her, "Do you know what it is?"

A man in black walked towards them and was about to smash the table. But somehow he left.

Over time, someone noticed that this place seemed to be safer than other places, and many people had slowly approached it.

Consuela was so concentrated on the phone call that she suddenly bumped into someone else. She staggered and was about to greet the woman in front of her, but someone grabbed her hand and drew her to the center of the crowd.

Before she could exclaim, a familiar voice pierced into her ears. "Don't be afraid. It's me."

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