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   Chapter 384 An Old Classmate

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After Consuela left, the living room was so quiet that the sound of a needle dropping could be heard clearly.

Richie slowly took off his coat, placed it casually in a corner, dragged away the seat where Consuela had been seated and took his seat with a poker face.

He sat down and began to eat as if no one was around.

Sitting in the seat of honor, Wendy looked at her son with mixed feelings.

Finally, she spoke first, "Do you forget what you have said to me before?"

He once said he would know what to do.

But now, this was what he said that he knew what to do?

If so, it really disappointed her.

"I always know whether I did the right thing, mom. You don't have to worry about me because I know how to handle it."

"Are you talking to your mother in such a rude manner?"

Having been with her for a long time, he had guessed that she would say something like giving a slap in the face to build up the prestige of your mother?

Richie kept silent for a while, which was rare. Then he said with a smile, "Mom, don't think too much about it. I was born in your womb. You should know me well."

She bit her lips and felt that it was too much for her to eat. To be honest, she really didn't know well about her son who smiled with an innocent heart.

Even though the man was a part of her.

After all, she had a clear understanding of the man's style. She could only make a lie based on her own reflection. "You'd better not talk to me more? Do you prefer to do something that will be misunderstood? "

Having lived with him for such a long time, she could clearly know what he looked like. She didn't need hearsay.

"I don't care how you misunderstand me. I just want to get what I want."

"Oh, that sounds good. If you lose your dear Consuela because of that woman, I won't help you anymore,"

"Mom, if you don't curse me like this, I may be very happy."

ing out a sigh, Consuela listened to the conversation between the two persons on the phone. After a few seconds, she said, "Don't worry. We're on our way."

After hanging up the phone, she remained silent. She knew very well that their wedding was a mystery to her.

Now that Consuela had given birth to the babies, that man might not be willing to have such a plan.

That was why she was so embarrassed to speak it out.

She shifted the topic to another one and asked, "What do you think of Stacy's husband?"

Frowning, Consuela recalled the man's face in the photo. "He looks familiar," she said approvingly.

"I know you won't remember." Sheryl felt a little annoyed and poked her forehead with her finger before she said with a smile, "He was a senior two years older than you. At the same time, he had been pursuing Stacy. At that time, he seemed to have a younger brother, who was also good-looking."

Consuela didn't expect that they would be entangled with each other for such a long time. As a result, she only heard the first part of their conversation and didn't think much about the rest.

She didn't even know he was such a famous brother. How could she remember his younger brother?

But Sheryl was a little enthusiastic about it.

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