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   Chapter 382 Face To Face Confrontation

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As soon as the holiday was over, Wendy ran over, wanting to surprise her son and daughter-in-law, but they gave her a surprise.

Pushing the luggage case, she turned down the maid's help. She saw a woman sitting on the sofa in the living room with her legs crossed, looking leisurely.

Her face was delicate and her figure was hot. Overwhelmed by joy, she was at a loss for words.

She lifted the suitcase and carried it to the threshold. All of a sudden, she looked up at the woman in shock.

How could she forget that it was the woman who almost made her lose her son!

Although surprised, Consuela didn't give up and went downstairs at once.

In fact, it was better for Richie to solve the problem at this time. But if she could show up, she could at least maintain hypocritical peace.

When she heard the voice just now, she knew that the two persons were fighting face to face.

When Richie and Angie hadn't been together in the first time, it was largely attributed to the members of the Ye Clan.

Now that the two persons sat on the sofa in the living room, they didn't do anything reckless as Consuela thought. They just kept silent and didn't say anything.

Miranda was stunned by what she had seen. Consuela coughed and said to her in a low voice, "Go to the kitchen and make a cup of tea for Mrs. Ye. Ask someone to clear up the table. I'm going to meet them."

As if she was the bravest person in the world. Walking up to them, Consuela smiled a little awkwardly and said, "Mom, why didn't you ask us to pick you up after you came back?"

When Wendy saw Consuela, the expression on her face turned better, then she couldn't help but speak stubbornly, "I just want to give you a surprise. I didn't expect that you would make a move first and gave me a surprise."

Her smile was a little slight.

Consuela knew that she wasn't the one to be blamed.

She turned around and looked at Angie, who was sitting next to her without any embarrassment. She put on a false smile and said, "Good morning, Miss Angie."

Angie also smiled back, her eyes full of flirtation and confusion.

Consuela didn't dare to keep her

ow dare you prove your innocence? If you don't get her well-handled, how can you give me an explanation?"

His eyelids twitched, but he slowly said, "Mom, you have never been the one I should explained to. Angie, let's go. I'll escort you out."

All of them stared at him in shock as he slowly walked toward the gate. Gritting her teeth, Angie lowered her head and tried to keep up with him. When she passed by Consuela, she said in a low voice, "You won't laugh for long."

Consuela responded with a grin.

How could she laugh?

Wendy thumped the table and said, "Richie, you bastard. You want to piss me off!"

Her face flushed because of anger. She stared at the door, watching the two persons leave but not go after them.

She knew she could do nothing to change his mind.

Her son's behavior was too striking.

It happened that Miranda came up with four cups of hot tea, but only two of them could be honored.

With a smile, Consuela handed the cup to her and said, "Mom, cool down. Have a cup of tea. It's good for your health. Don't get yourself sick because of such a trifle."

Wendy breathed a sigh of relief. She had always been a tough woman, but now her eyes were filled with tears.

Her marriage with her husband was out of business marriage. But they didn't have much emotional disputes with other people. They had always been friendly with each other.

She had never known about such matters

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