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   Chapter 381 Mrs. Ye Is Here

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At this moment, he would not try to reason with her.

He just patted her on the back and said helplessly, "Stop it. I'll get you some water."

Consuela couldn't help but complain, "Burp... You want me to do the dirty thing again?"

The man's face darkened at her words. "You are such a bad woman."

He looked down and pinched her face.

Her face was covered with tears.

Richie found the woman interesting.

He didn't mean to dislike her, but she disliked him very much. When she saw him approaching, she frowned, feeling wronged.

Somehow, Richie had found a way to subdue her. He stretched out his hand and patted her on the head, chuckling, "Do you want to stop it or not?"

Consuela leaned back and shook her head obediently. It was a little funny for her to continue burping.

When Richie came back with water, she had found a clean place. She was about to sleep with her eyelids drooping. But the burp had an impact on the atmosphere.


She raised her head and saw Richie come over with a cup of honey water. The bright smile in his eyes made her a little jealous.

After taking the glass and expressing her thanks stiffly, Consuela said calmly, "I thought you would leave me alone here and go to look for Angie."

Angie was in cool clothes. She couldn't tell whether she had seduced him, but the possibility was seventy percent.

"You think too much every day. People always say that pregnancy makes a woman dull for three years. Why can't you learn to be more traditional?"

"… And then you can be a dissolute man as you like?"

"Consuela, do you know what I like best about you? "

The gloomy voice from Richie made her uncomfortable. She leaned back against the wall, holding her glass. Then she raised her head to look at him and said, "I don't know. And I don't want to know either. It's not good to be liked by you."

And she didn't even realize that this man liked her. If he didn't pretend to love her, she would always think that thi

hest. And there was a knock on the door.

She rubbed her eyes and pushed Richie, "Get up and open the door. Is it something important to knock so urgently?"

All the people in the villa knew their daily life very well. If there was nothing wrong, they would never knock on the door at this time.

However, he just turned around and covered her ears with his hands, "Nothing important. Go back to sleep."

Consuela's eyes widened in shock. How could she just fall asleep?

She pushed away Richie's hand without thinking, and went to open the door with her sleepy eyes.

Miranda was standing outside the door, looking anxious and flurried. When she saw Consuela open the door, she was thrilled.

Having forgotten what she was going to do, she asked in a hurry, "Mrs. Richie, are you all right?"

Consuela thought that she should be the first to ask about it. "I'm fine now. I was just too thoughtless yesterday. Miranda, I'm sorry. How are you feeling now?"

"Mr. Richie didn't punish me. He just asked me to copy the rules made for the servants several times."

When they were having a good time laughing, the sound of porcelain breaking came from downstairs suddenly.

Miranda was so shocked that her eyelids twitched, and her smile suddenly changed to a sad expression.

"Mrs. Richie, Mrs. Ye is here."

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