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   Chapter 380 Be Reasonable

If You Want Me By Qing Cha Characters: 6364

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It was so hot that she almost wanted to shrink her hand back.

But the man only exerted a little strength to hold her hand, making it easy for her to break away from his grip.

As long as she didn't want to, she could quickly take her hand back.

"You mean what I think?"

"Yes, that's exactly what you think. But it's okay if you want to refuse."

But it was totally inhumane to let him take a cold shower now.

"But I won't interfere in the matter about the maid you are thinking about."

Consuela was rendered speechless

But he could!

Just a few words of his would put her into a kind of isolated and helpless situation.

All that happened was for her.

For a woman who didn't deserve him.

All of a sudden, her negative emotions were ignited by the scorching desire covered by her hands. She shook off Richie's hands, grabbed his collar and said, "How far on earth do you want to force me to go before you can give up?"

Did he know how sad she was recently?

It was just her old habit that crying couldn't solve any problems, and no one would like a weeper.

Since she came here with a feeling of living in other's house, she took back her weak expression. Every time she encountered unhappy things, she could use her mouth to solve them but never used force.

"If you really hate me so much, just let me go. Don't you ever want me to give birth to the babies for you? Why are you so obsessed with the woman outside?"

Her voice was a little hoarse, and she couldn't catch her breath. Fury was written all over her face.

"You've ruined my life, and now you're going to destroy my points of view, right?"

Who said that coward couldn't have the courage to come back? Looking at the woman who was lying on his body and pulling his collar all the time, he wished he could strangle his woman like this.

Richie teased her leisurely.

But he was a little uncomfort

Consuela felt a bit embarrassed, but the next moment, she was hiccupped again.

No wonder it felt so sticky.

Raising her head, Consuela looked at him and said in a husky voice, "Where are you going?"

She was afraid that he would leave and she didn't know why. She was even more afraid than when they first met.

She was afraid that he would suddenly take out a cellphone and turn on photo taking or video recording function to record what she was like now.

She knew how terrible she looked without the mirror.

Obviously, he stood up, grinned, and intentionally said, "I'm going to call someone here to have a look."

After being stunned for a few seconds, Consuela gave a loud hiccup and said, "Bastard... Burp! "

She looked so cute when her eyes were red because of the hiccup.

Maybe that was just what other people said, "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder".

Ignoring anything on his body, Consuela ran up to him and hugged him. "I won't let you go!"

She said it so resolutely, but the dislike on her face was too obvious.

Richie was cold faced. The thing on his clothes was all the essence she made herself.

But he couldn't reason with a woman who was irrational and afraid that her image would affect her image in the future.

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