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   Chapter 378 Fear (1)

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Angie walked happily and gave a dangerous smile to Consuela, when they finally met.

It was not the brave man would win all the time.

But the people with a straight back would win sometimes.

Looking at the woman with a serene face, Consuela greeted first, gesturing her not to disturb her.

"Miss Angie, I didn't expect you to get used to it so soon. People who don't know you might think this is your home."

Angie frowned and raised her hand to make the fan. The air smelt jealousy.

"Oh, it's you, Mrs. Richie. You were about to get hungry. But it's hard to keep your position."

After saying that, she left with a smile, her eyes full of pride, which was very different from her innocent expression on her face.

Consuela's eyelids twitched uncontrollably. She wasn't affected by her empty stomach at all. She was just afraid that the two of them would burn themselves to ashes.

She, as the wife of Mr. Richie, was pregnant. She would be the first heir to Richie's heritage.

Then she would be able to involve herself in the matter.

When she thought about it, she walked to the master bedroom's door, then she easily pushed the door open. When she saw the messy room, her eyelids twitched a few times.

Then she saw Richie who was still lying on the bed.

She slowly walked over, and then sat down by the side of the bed. Looking down at his fine face, which had closed his eyes, she raised her hand and wanted to give him a slap. At this moment, the man suddenly opened his thin lips.

What he said was so unlovable.

"Do you want to make the bed collapse?"

"… Are you saying that I'm fat? "

He opened his eyes and looked directly into the woman's face. There was a noncommittal smile on his face.

It made her want to tear that face.

In fact, she couldn't bear her hands anymore. She stretched out one of her fingers and poked in his face. She said, "I found that in my eyes, I feel more

this moment, Richie's phone rang. He picked it up and answered the phone. The warmth of the moment faded away from her body, even when she really fell asleep.

Well, he must have been asked away by Angie on the phone.

She was really about to fall from the position of Mrs. Richie.

But she didn't understand how Richie treated her.

She couldn't always deny the goodness of that man, but she couldn't immerse herself in his love.

If she ever offended Angie, she would surely be punished.

The punishment. Consuela suddenly realized that she had forgotten about the matter about Miranda just now.

She suddenly came to her senses, but she couldn't sit up as if he were a fish. She could only clumsily push herself up.

Then she put on her slippers and found that the room was cleaned up.

There was a slight vertigo in her mind.

Then she shook her head and walked out, forgetting to call someone.

When she went upstairs just now, she clearly saw where Angie stayed and remembered her room.

She calmed herself down, walked slowly to the door and knocked.

The waiting was long and endless.

Consuela clenched her fist and repeatedly knocked on the door.

She was unsure whether she could hear the noise coming from the room.

Fear was around her heart.

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