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   Chapter 376 The Children Were Hungry

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That night, when Consuela locked the door from inside and Richie didn't come back, the two of them maintained a state of peace, only each of them knew what was going on.

Things changed a lot with the help of others.

The next morning, after Consuela washed her face and brushed her teeth, she sat on the balcony, paying no attention to what Miranda had brought her.

When Miranda came to deliver dinner, she saw that the food on the plate outside the door was not touched and her face was slightly stiff. She raised her hand and knocked at the door in a hurry.

Mrs. Richie was pregnant with two babies. She couldn't lose her temper like that! How could she be so headstrong?

Miranda had been on good terms with Consuela, so she felt a little uncomfortable.

"Mrs. Richie, please open the door. Please think more about your children."

But no matter what she said, there was still no movement on the door.

Like a beast guarding in front of the princess door, the scarlet wood door fell asleep with its eyes down, but no one could move it.

People inside couldn't get out, while people outside couldn't get in.

Miranda glanced at the food on the plate and left anxiously.

She had already reported to Mr. Richie several times about Mrs. Richie's absence of eating. But Mr. Richie just ignored her.

He only took care of the newcomer.

In the dining room, there were white triangle candles on the long table. The silver candlelight was matched with the warm light, which made people feel somewhat strange.

Miranda went straight to the table. When she was in a bad mood, she didn't know about the etiquette or rules at all and just said indifferently, "Mrs. Richie is still not going out for dinner. Mr. Richie, don't you think it is too much for you to do this?"

He confined his wife, but was accompanying his mistress calmly. They were even having candlelight dinner here.

Was he going too far!?

If Mrs. Ye hadn't been on a trip, and didn't want her to

e as long as you have money."

And she knew that he might be a pauper, and that he had nothing but money.

Angie looked at her watch and said helplessly, "It's a little late now. Your children's mother and children probably can't bear it."

She shrugged, stood up and took a step forward. "I'm going to take a shower, hoping to see you return with victory."

Richie gave her a smile. He frowned after she left.

He walked upstairs and found the dishes on the plates were still steaming.

But no one ever touched a bit.

He bent over to pick up the plates. It was rare for him to knock at the door politely. After the sixth knock, the woman's voice came from inside.

"Don't knock any more, Miranda. I'm not hungry now."

"But my children are hungry."

Consuela stopped drinking the water and stared at the door, her eyes wide with fear.

She knew that the man had spare keys to all rooms in the villa, so she moved several heavy things to the door yesterday.

After that, she was exhausted.

However, the driving force for her to be able to stick to her current status was nothing else, except for the snacks she usually put in her wardrobe and the dairy products with a long shelf life.

She had always enjoyed delicious food and slept well, but she had never expected that such a day would come.

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