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   Chapter 372 The Wedding Dress

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The color drained from Consuela's face.

After being reminded by someone inside the room, Consuela didn't dare say anything more and became more quiet when she walked out of the room.

She just walked casually in the shop.

When she saw something, she would not use her hands to feel it. But the owner of the store with a cup of tea walked with her in a casual way.

However, he didn't pay much attention to her or made explanation for her. He just sipped the tea.

Such a silence was the most frightening.

All of a sudden, he broke the silence first. "Miss, haven't you worn the wedding dress?"

Consuela knew that he was shocked by her words.

It was obvious that she was pregnant.

"How do you know?"

"Because of your eyes."

Consuela was rendered speechless

Eyes? Too eager...

How tired she was! Was he reading her mind?

Right then, Stacy walked out of the room in the fishtail wedding dress. The hemline of the dress swayed as she walked along the floor, revealing her slender figure.

She tilted her head to look at the dress. With a charming smile, she asked, "What do you think of the dress, Consuela?"

And then she added a sentence soon, "Don't flatter me. Tell me the truth."

As Consuela was about to burst out a big praise, she was blocked. Her face flushed red, and she tried her best to think of a few words to praise her.

Unfortunately, she had never been able to find a low-key expression.

After a long silence, she had to say, "It's very beautiful."

It was not some kind of otherworldly beauty, but an extravagant firework with special magic.

She looked at the woman in front of the mirror and rolled over excitedly. The place where the shop was located was a little secluded with few customers. Only the woman who was turning around in front of the mirror was.

She raised her head slightly, as if she had also thought of the wedding dress. The smile on her face was natural, and then she said in incomparable calmness, "Just

reedom anymore.

In a word, everything would be up to her, but she had to ensure her absolute safety.

She almost wanted to report to Mr. Richie.

"Mrs. Richie, walk slowly..."

"Why do you look so weak, Miranda? Even weaker than me, a pregnant woman."

"Mrs. Richie..."

Hearing her complaint, Consuela slowed down her pace and asked, "Did Mr. Richie tell you when he will be back?"

At the mention of this, Miranda abruptly slapped her thigh. Just now, she almost forgot what Mr. Richie had told her to do, so she quickly said.

" Mr. Richie has told me that a friend will come to have dinner with us at eight o'clock this evening. If you feel hungry, you can eat first and don't have to wait for him."

"Which friend?"

"Mrs. Richie, sorry, I don't know about that... Mr. Richie hasn't explicitly mentioned that... "

Besides, Mr. Richie had a lot of friends here.

Consuela nodded slightly, indicating that she had known it

When they passed by the garden, Miranda said, "Besides, Mrs. Richie, the cabbages you planted were about to grow mature."


Right, she couldn't stand the flowers in the garden before, because they were all planted for Angie. So she asked someone to plant cabbages for her.

Holding the iron cage in her hand, Consuela replied, "Can squirrels eat cabbage?"

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