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   Chapter 370 Wear A Tie

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He had been resigned to it.

Even if he was taken as a tool.

Even if his hands were stained with blood at last, he had never complained.

Only when he knew that he had missed someone else did he notice his tearful eyes.

Mark couldn't help sighing for the man who was in the mire.

He walked to the bathroom and knocked on the frosted glass door. "What's wrong, honey?"

After hesitating for a while, Susie said, "... I forgot to bring my clothes... "

She didn't hear Mark's laughter as she thought. She only heard the sound of footsteps when she was under the shower. A moment later, the bathroom door was knocked again.

"I have a bathrobe for you. Should I bring it in or you come out?"

Although it was a very simple question, it made her completely blush. She was only stunned. "You can put it at the door..."

He smiled and said, "okay."

He returned to the balcony after a while. The phone was not hung up.


The reply was quick, "Yes. What else?"

"I advise you to give up. The woman you love now not only has children, but also is not as incompatible with her husband as you think."

As far as he knew, they were on good terms.

The match could instantly defeat many beautiful couples who were out of tune.

Tristan kept silent for a few seconds and asked with a smile, "Do you think I can give up?"

He couldn't...

He didn't have to tell him, he knew what he would say.

He finally changed the topic and asked, "What do you think is good about her?"

Tristan answered, "There are too many good things about her, but the others can't discover them."

It was not that the others couldn't find out, but beauty was in the eye of the beholder.

He was able to impose the advantages that the person clearly did not have on the person. After he didn't have that kind of feelings, he would know how silly he had been in the past.

But according to Tristan's stubborn character, it might take a long time for him to get rid of that feeling.

However, as long as that person

g legs, suddenly strode towards her and snatched the towel in her hand.

With a smug face, Susie took two steps back quickly and threatened, "If you don't stop this, we'll sleep separately!"

Hearing that, Mark's face changed slightly, but he returned to the previous innocent one quickly and said, "Okay, I'm going to take a bath. I'm sorry."

Actually, Susie didn't want to talk to him at all.

When he chased her, he was not very high-profile but very powerful, and even bought off the friends arranged by her parents.

After getting all the information about her, he began to make every effort to get her down.

Now when she came to herself, she realized that this man really had remarkable means.

The next morning, when Richie finished his breakfast and was about to go to work.

He suddenly looked up at the woman sitting opposite him and said, "I saw you learning to wear a tie last time. Now I give you a chance..."

With a yawn, Consuela didn't look like waking up. "I refuse," she said seriously.

The man who was in a good mood gnashed his teeth with anger on his face, "Can you talk to me in a polite way?"

"I express my ideas clearly, which can't be regarded as a polite way. Then your standard of a polite was really makes me feel a little unreasonable."

Then he got so angry that he forgot to take his tie away.

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