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   Chapter 369 Not Growing Long Enough

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On the table, there were many dishes.

Even though Consuela loved the barbecue very much, she couldn't enjoy it to her heart's content.

Consuela said, "the fish smells good."

Richie filled a bowl of rice for her and said, "it's bad for your health to eat too much."

The two people opposite stopped eating in silence and looked at each other.

There were too many green vegetables in her bowl. Consuela frowned, "... I don't want to eat grass."

"The green vegetables are healthy. Eat more. After the children were born, you can eat whatever you like?"

After a moment's silence, Consuela said with a smile, "What if I become a fat woman?"

She lowered her head and took her chopsticks. When she was fiddling with the vegetables, Richie pinched her chin.

"If you get fat, I will kick you out."

The corners of her mouth twitched. 'this man is so cruel, ' she thought to herself.

She lowered her head to eat, while the other three people occasionally talked. Richie sat beside and picked out the fish bones and put them into his mouth.

Consuela said coldly, shifting her gaze away from Richie.

She sat aside and didn't want to say anything more. Half of the people on the table were from the same strict family, so they received the same education.

No talking while eating.

The meal was very quiet, which made Consuela feel empty and lonely.

What she wanted to eat and what she didn't want to eat had been put into her bowl by that man who took revenge on her.


Even when she was going back, she still felt a little uncomfortable.

"Don't ask me out next time. It's boring and a little tired..."

"Pregnant women should walk more. It's good for the process of giving birth." He opened the car door and smiled, "But I won't force you to play with anyone."

Just be careful! Be careful! There won't be anything wrong with his children!

With her head tilted to one side, Consuela furrowed her brows and grumbled, "Sometimes, I really want to have a life-and-death struggle with you."

For example, when his mouth was full of taking care of the children.

"I'm so

the bathroom door, he slightly shook his head and said, "Do you want to hear my praise or bad words?"

He knew that even if he had spoken ill of her, it would be useless.

People always didn't like too much change for what they were determined to.

Just as what he had determined, if he couldn't get her, he would rather destroy her.

But the habit had no effect on him when he met her. It made him feel terrible.

Love was something terrible.

"If you praise her, I'm afraid that you will make me jealous; if you slander her..."

"I understand. You would find an opportunity to revenge for your lovesickness and even forgetting friends."

"Well, it's good that you know it."

Seeing that the man was very honest and didn't care about showing any care to her, Mark You was annoyed and even wanted to throw his phone. He didn't know what to say.

After a while, Susie's voice came from the bathroom. "Is anyone outside?"

Mark You stubbed out the cigarette and said, "... Wait a minute."

The person on the other end of the phone joked, "What happened to your little wife?"

Hearing such words, Mark You could not help smiling.

They had been living together for a long time, so many of their small habits would be assimilated, and even their smile expressions were the same.

Unfortunately, it was too early. He had to bear everything alone.

He didn't even have the time to grow up.

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