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   Chapter 368 I Don't Hate Her

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She was envy, but at the same time jealous.

She didn't hate her at all.

Consuela couldn't help reaching out to touch her face. She didn't think it was that easy to expose herself.

There was no reflective object around her, so she couldn't see her eyes. She could only raise her head and asked, "Is it because my eyes are too clear?"

Richie looked at her with strange eyes. Then he raised his hand and shook his index finger, and said seriously, "no, because you're too thick skinned. I can't think of anyone who can make you angry."

It seemed that they could not go on talking.

Consuela rolled her eyes and lay down again. She grabbed her sunglasses and put them on her face.

She was not angry. She just felt that it was a little wrong for him to slander people like that.

With a teasing smile, Richie put a chair next to her, watched the fishing rod, and placed one hand on her hand.

Unable to free herself from the man, she furrowed her eyebrows and tilted her head to one side.

"When did you come here?"

"I came when you were sleeping and the bucket was full of water."

The bucket was full of water...

But she fell asleep before she caught a fish.

"If you didn't invite those two people, I shouldn't have been so bored that I would directly fall asleep."

"So, you want to spend some time alone with me?"

"… I am sleeping. Don't bother me. "

Looking at the woman again covering her forehead with her hand, Richie gritted his teeth with hatred.

Finally, he said lightly, "Don't forget to wake up later."

When they finally finished making the fish and placed it on a barbecue grill that they brought from nowhere, she opened her eyes.

The fiance of Susie approached them and smiled politely. "Consuela, would you like some appetizers?"

He had some roasted things in his hand, but they were not as good as expected, slightly burnt, and some of them seemed not cooked.

They shared the same enemy.

The corners of her mouth twitched. B

food was plentiful.

Consuela could not help being silent again, looking at the man beside her as the chef and saying, "So, what are you bringing us here to fish for?"

"Let's have a dinner together, to lighten the atmosphere, and also to make you happy."

He still remembered clearly what she said in her sleep that day.

Consuela narrowed her eyes, but only saw the man's unchanged smile. Then she knew that he was talking nonsense again, without any reasons.

She rolled her eyes and took a glance at the two people who were feeding each other. Finally, she sighed.

Although she really wanted to go there and disturb them, she was likely to be pissed off by them.

"Look at your belly. Why are you running around? Find a place to sit well."

Then, Consuela sat there meekly. She enjoyed being taken good care of by her husband.

She raised her chin with one hand and looked into the distance. Her husband, however, turned her head to look at him.

She turned her head and looked straight into his eyes.

Consuela was rendered speechless

She moved her lips and asked in a low voice, "Do you think you are particularly beautiful?"

Richie narrowed his eyes, with a gentle expression in his eyes. Then he said impolitely, "What do you think?"

She thought...

… Well, she admitted he was handsome.

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