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   Chapter 367 Your Eyes Betrayed You

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The next morning, Consuela woke up from her long sleep. She heard something unbelievable.

Richie's cousin even took her fiance here to invite her to go fishing with them.

To go fishing!

Consuela was lying on the bed, her face not dirty, but not very fresh. Her eyes were not bright, but she was frightened by this.

After a long silence, she turned to look at Miranda, "Are you sure there's nothing wrong with the two people staying in the living room?"

Miranda, who came to report, trembled, shook her head and said decisively, "There's no symptoms and they were taking fishing tools with them."

Besides, all of them looked new and pretty valuable.

Both of them didn't like fishing, so it was really surprising that they came well-prepared

Consuela sighed and said, "Just tell them that I don't feel well and can't go with them."

Embarrassed, Miranda said, "But Miss Susie said..."

She muttered and didn't dare to say the following words.

Consuela furrowed her brows and said worriedly, "Just tell me. I'm not a cannibal monster."

"Miss Susie said if you're sick, they can go fishing with you when you're recovered."

"… Is that what I think? "

Did she mean to wait for her just to stay in the villa?

The corners of her mouth twitched, and then Miranda nodded in desperation.

Since when did the two become so shameless?

The autumn sun had just begun to rise. There was no warmth in the room.

Reluctantly, Consuela got out of bed, cleaned herself up and went downstairs to meet the two persons who didn't like her.

The two persons were sitting on the sofa with smiles on their faces. She didn't know what they had whispered to each other before. Susie's ear tips were even pink.

Stepping forward, Consuela said jokingly, "What are you two talking about? Can you tell me too?"

As soon as she said this, the face of the man with red lips and white teeth didn't change much, but Susie instantly put away the little woman's posture.

looked through the man and saw that two persons had disappeared not far away, but there was still a place for them to cover.

She suddenly frowned and asked, "Did they mean to use your money to invite me?"

"I didn't ask them to invite you..."

Before he finished his words, he realized that he had said something wrong.

The truth was he brought the two persons here.

"I doubt your original intention. Do you want to make them unhappy or enrage me?" she asked.

"I just want you to get along well with each other. Being happy is not a bad thing."


It was none of her business whether his cousin was a bad person or not.

"Why don't you like her?" Richie pointed out directly.

Consuela was stunned for a moment. Then she smiled and said, "It's not just that I don't like her."

"Well, Consuela, if you want to lie to someone else, you can do that to yourself first. Your eyes have already sold yourself out."

Pursing her lips, Consuela got a little nervous and began to plan in her mind.

'How much does it cost to have my eyes cut?'

In fact, it was not that she didn't like Susie, who was raised in the greenhouse, without any setback, so she could easily trust others, and could even sincerely express her feelings to the things she cared about. All these were what she envied now.

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