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   Chapter 365 Meet Tristan

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She admitted that she was really proud of being able to get pregnant with the boy-girl twins.

But the man, however, did not show any joy.

He even stayed with Angie and did something that would make her daydream.

She sighed, feeling that she had become a jealous woman.

The more tightly a person held something, the easier it was to let it pass.

For example, when she had met Richie, she had reminded herself over and over again that she couldn't fall in love with a man like him, but her heart lost its defense.

Everything was caused by her heart.

"Debbie, what do you think marriage is good for?"

They just walked into a tomb together. In the tomb, there would be someone picking open the coffin and running away, or someone would dig the tomb.

Looking at the woman who was in a bad mood, Debbie blew in and studied the report in her hand carefully.

"I have never thought that marriage is a good thing. I just want to live my life. As the saying goes, one should be happy."

The more Consuela thought about it, the more depressed she became. "What if there is no happy ending in the marriage?"

She was just like a little girl who had been wronged by others. It was hard for her to accept the fact that she had been wronged.

"What happened to you and the big boss?"

"We have something wrong every day. Which one do you mean?"

Debbie, "...."

She didn't want to say anything. She just wanted to put her into the toilet and see if she could be smarter.

She sighed and said, "Consuela, you're a clever woman. I hope everyone in the world can have their own thoughts."

Consuela was rendered speechless

When they were having lunch across the hospital, a noise suddenly came from the door of the restaurant. A waiter smiled politely and said, "Sorry, sir, we don't allow anyone to bring pets in."

There was no such a sign hanging in front of the restaurant.

A c

r my golden retriever."

Then a bunch of penetrating eyes came to her. With a straight face, Consuela said awkwardly, "You're welcome. In fact, I like the golden retriever very much and it just wanted to play with me last time."

But she was pregnant now and she needed to be on her guard for everything.

After all, she had never seen such kind of person in TV series that poisoned children and took away their family's position.

But a plot like that appeared in TV, so there must be a reason. She really couldn't live a peaceful life.

And she was really upset that Richie had been chasing after his ex-girlfriend all day long.

"It's good that you don't mind. As an apology, it's my treat today."

Debbie smiled and waved her hand, "No..."

She pinched the woman's chubby arm and smirked, "Thanks for your hospitality."

In return, Debbie gave a black look at Consuela.

She shrugged her shoulders and didn't want to say anything.

The man, however, smiled in a friendly way. His eyes were clear and cunning.

Halfway through the meal, the man suddenly asked, "I don't know your name yet..."

Debbie was thrilled and said, "My name is Debbie. I'm Consuela's friend. What's your name?"

The man spread his eyes, smiled and said, "I'm Tristan."

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