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   Chapter 361 Take A Fancy To A Person

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For a mild reproach, Angie just slightly trembled her hands, pursed her lips and did not speak, but she could see that he was not in a very bright mood.

The white steam overflowed from the delicate teapot and flowed into the small white glass of blue china that she took aside, indifferently rendering her gentle eyebrows and eyes.

The light in her eyes was strange and hidden.

But a golden retriever could make his mood fluctuate a little, and she would be really treated specially only when she did something unforgivable.

This person's eyes would always be on her.

But there were too many costs to pay.

And she was not a person who liked to abuse herself in exchange for this person's different treatment.

"I just haven't seen you for a long time. Cherish every minute and every second. Mr. Tristan, I'm sorry that emotions always guide people to do something wrong."

She answered in an open manner, with a touch of elegance in her eyes.

The man on the other side, his face slightly softened, and then sneered, "Is it because that Angie really falls in love with me?"

He just asked with a casual smile, but she took it seriously. Wrapped in flesh and skin, her beating heart gave her an undisguised answer.

'It's just a pity that I can't speak it out.'

She shook her head. "I can't say love, or you will let me go."

Tristan bent his lips and didn't even look up at the face of the woman in front of him who could make everything lose color.

He really had no other interest in Angie.

It was just that what he kept was cleaner than the outside and could meet his needs.

And she had always been willing to. He was never willing to force this person to do anything.

Of course, at that time, Angie had no choice but to accept the request of him.

The meal was dull because it brought up some bad memories.

Angie occasionally raised her head and looked at the man sitting opposite her. She felt that her eyes were a little astringent. Her sharp eyes found that the smile at the corner of his mouth was restrained

elt more or less sad. "Mr. Tristan, I really didn't expect that you would be so indulgent to the golden retriever. It's just..."

It was a little refreshing.

"The golden retriever is good."

Tristan seemed to think of something, and his eyes softened. Then he said, "I've heard that a golden retriever is easy to be raised and likes to act like a spoiled child. It's a gentle temperament, and eats a little more, but I can afford it."

Such a tone of memory said once.

Angie stopped her steps slightly and opened a door. When she saw the man walk in calmly, she chuckled and said in a low voice, "That person must be liked by you."

The man who walked a little distance ahead turned around and looked at her. He didn't hear what she said clearly and made a simple syllable from his nose.


Angie shook her head and said, "nothing."

Even if there was something wrong, he would not be willing to help her solve it. It was better for him to avoid it directly.

The man who didn't pay too much attention to her turned around and went inside again. He could hear the sound of running water.

Maybe what he said just now was just to ease the embarrassment, or it was just a polite rhetorical question.

Only she kept it in mind.

'Sure enough, when you take a fancy to a person, you always keep all his movements and expressions in your eyes.'

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