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   Chapter 360 I Won't Make You Wait Too Long (2)

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The atmosphere was so good that Angie stopped thinking. Her hand slid down from the doorknob and slightly narrowed the dark green eyes.

"Richie, don't let me down. After all, I'm the one you love most, right?"

In fact, she was not sure before, but after knowing what this man had done for her three years ago, she inexplicably believed the words.

She just didn't know if love could offset this person's sense of responsibility for the family.

"Angie, I've never let you down. It's not early now. Don't you have something else to do, or I'll ask Tim to send you there?"

Richie raised his hand to look at the watch on his wrist and drove her away quietly.

The woman with a smug look in her eyes suddenly stank, as if she had been forced to eat chicken droppings.

She really shouldn't have done anything amorous. Would this man love her? The sun was likely to come out of the toilet!

'If you really like or fall in love with a person, the time of three years together is as short as three days, not like Richie, the time of three minutes together is like three years.'

There was still a trace of impatience between his eyebrows.

Angie's face darkened and refused, "Don't bother. I'll be right there. Take more rest and remember to put what you just said on the agenda earlier."

The man turned a signature pen smoothly. The pen rotated several times and then landed firmly at the junction of the white index finger and the thumb.

He smiled gently and said, "It's not urgent."

It seemed that he was laughing at her anxiety.

Angie just twitched her eyes and raised her lips with a fake smile. Then she left without looking back, the man sitting on the movable chair frowning.


Oh, it was a joke.

Richie shook his head and called the internal line of Tim's office.

Tim was full of energy, "What's the matter, boss?"

Hearing the words, the man darkened eyes. It seemed that he was not tired of his work.

The rare vampire who sympathized with his subordinate, "


He just took a fancy to her value in use.

Angie looked at herself in full dress in the mirror and smiled bitterly. Even if she knew the man's intention, she was still seduced like a moth into the fire.

After dressing up, she walked away.

For the first time, Tristan arrived at the appointed place ten minutes before the appointed time, which made Angie a little flattered. But after a while, looking at the man's slightly alienated attitude, she knew that it should have nothing to do with her.

Maybe it was just the place where he stayed before, or it was closer to here.

As usual, Tristan said directly, "What's the matter?"

The movement was gentle and it seemed that he was in a good mood.

Angie wanted to be coquettish, or say something she had thought about for a long time, but she was swallowed later, only complaining.

"The golden retriever is kept in my place. It doesn't eat or drink, and it doesn't care much about people. Even if it comes to an outsider, it won't scream. I think it should be sick, so I took it to the vet, but it didn't work. I thought it might be missing you. It's just that you are very busy and I don't know what to say."

Tristan was very attentive to the dog. Hearing this, he frowned and said, "You just made it clear on the phone, and I can go to see it directly."

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