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   Chapter 359 I Won't Make You Wait Too Long (1)

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Debbie's wedding was in full swing. As one of her few friends in L City, Consuela couldn't be a bridesmaid, but she could give some bad ideas to torture the groom.

Richie didn't want the woman to run around with a big belly. Before he could say a righteous refusal, he was blocked back by a word from Consuela.

"I don't care what you do outside. And you don't care what I do. I will take care of myself and your children."

Richie wriggled his lips and wanted to explain to her that what he had done was not a bad thing, but it was not very aboveboard. It was a pity that Consuela had a bad face and didn't intend to listen to his explanation.


Consuela frowned, and then followed the car he arranged to go to the photo studio where Debbie was. L city was a luxurious place, and there were also flamboyant advertising words engraved in the transparent glass window.

All of a sudden, Consuela found that she and Richie just went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get their marriage certificates. Oh, the photos on the marriage certificates seemed to be synthetic.

It was really sad to think about the difference.

No longer feeling sad, with a decent smile at the door of the etiquette Miss went in, on the second floor where the wedding dresses were placed, Consuela saw Debbie being pressed to make up.

Out of the corner of her eye, Debbie saw Consuela coming. She immediately raised her hand and said, "Come here, Consuela. They have painted my face into monkey's buttocks and said that this is the most popular bride makeup this year!"

Consuela twitched her mouth, and then walked slowly over. Seeing that Debbie, who was trying to break free, was complained by the makeup artist with a bitter face, "Miss Debbie, if you move again, we won't be able to get off work..."

The makeup artist said in a sad tone.

Feeling that her behavior was not right, Debbie frowned and the powder puff on her face flickered down. Seeing this, the girl beside her wanted to have a bitter face again.

"Miss Debbie..."

"Okay, okay. I won't move any more. Take it easy. I just really t

essly. For this reason, if this person didn't want to answer, she would give him time to think about excuses.

Angie smiled bitterly in her heart. She was really an incompetent mistress.

She put her hand on the doorknob and heard the man's magnetic voice behind her. There was also an alluring sentence, "Don't you want to hear the answer before you leave?"

Angie sighed inexplicably, and then looked back with a smile. There was a kind of happiness on her exotic face, "I thought you didn't want to answer."

He seemed to care about his wife.

Just like her, she didn't want to come here to carry out this task at all.

The mood of the two should be similar and they don't want to meet each other again.

However, she knew that her appearance at the beginning cast a big wave in the bottom of this man's heart, but it was a pity that the wave did not stay for too long.

Richie said indifferently, without looking at her. He placed his eyes on the desk, as if he simply didn't want to face her. "I think you won't wait too long."

But this made her feel at ease in her heart.

"Are you going to wait for her to give birth?"

When he saw his wife last time, her belly looked very big. It shouldn't take long for her to give birth.

It was normal for her to think so.

However, Richie didn't give her a clear answer, and the smile was very intriguing.

"Soon. Don't worry."

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