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   Chapter 358 Wedding March

If You Want Me By Qing Cha Characters: 6697

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At this moment, there should be a wind blowing over. Her hair was blown up, covering the vision of her eyes. For a moment, she did not see the smiling eyes of Baron.

"Not ready? I gave you so much time, and you just told me this?"

The cold voice was frightening.

"Sorry, I..."

"What are you sorry for? We will be a family from now on."

Baron touched her hair gently, with an unreal smile, which made her feel that her scalp was stiff, and she was afraid that this person would tear her hair and scalp off the next second.

However, he didn't take the next step.

"In fact, I have thought about a lot of things when I was out this time."

Thinking about their current relationship and the meeting between their parents, she forgot to imagine what would happen to her when she came back and was caught.

Although Baron looked good now and she didn't know whether he was in a good mood or not, he should be in a good mood compared with her.

However, she hoped that Baron could show an angry side. Such a gloomy appearance always made her feel flustered.

Baron didn't take it seriously and held the hand of the person, walking forward slowly. There was a chill in his voice, "What are you thinking about?"

"I plan you into my future. It's true. I don't lie to you."

Debbie looked at him sincerely, with a smile in her eyes, brilliant but with a trace of timidity, as if she was afraid that he would not believe it.

In her big and bright eyes, there was only a reflection of him at the moment.

All of a sudden, Baron became interested. He coughed and asked, "What have you planned about our future?"

"After we get married..."

Debbie didn't remember what she said later. She only remembered that she was a little thirsty at last, and that person looked at her and laughed.

The smile was dazzling and bright, full of temptation and crime.

He said, "I am very happy to be put into the future plan by you so solemnly."

And he, after this person involved in his o

all the thoughts in her heart.

Cassie crossed her legs and looked at the intern girl who was sitting beside and sorting out her notes. She propped up her head and asked in a poor manner, "Hey, little girl, do you know how it feels to beg but not to get?

The girl, who was taking notes, was stunned. Then she raised her head and said, "I don't know what kind of feeling you are talking about."

Because of this person's tone, Cassie quickly brought the person into the queue of emotional frustration, looking at her pitifully and saying, "I understand."

The Intern, "... You don't understand."

Cassie, "Do you have a person who has been in love for a long time but can't be together all the time?"

"There was one before."

"And then?"

"Not long ago, we two got rid of all difficulties and engaged... Don't leave, Miss Cassie. I have a question for you... "

Cassie waved at the intern. She didn't want to teach the people who showed their loves.

The smell of love spread all over the world, and she was floating with the scent of a single dog, but she really wanted to be rendered that smell.

Unfortunately, even if there was a heavy snow in L city this year, the man would not agree to be with her.

Cassie had no choice but to hang on a crooked tree like this. She really felt that it was not worth it.

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