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   Chapter 357 Ahead Of Schedule

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Because there was no communication between her and the servant, and she was too paranoid. Debbie felt that her walking speed seemed to have increased a lot unconsciously.

When she stood at the door of the hall, carrying her luggage, she saw Consuela sitting on the sofa facing her with a strange look.

She smiled and said, "Debbie... Why are you here?"

Debbie was stunned. Then she looked at Consuela's face and realized that something was wrong. She was about to admire her reaction ability. She quickly threw down the luggage in her hand, turned around and ran away.

The two of them talked on the phone just now. Consuela would have known that she would come here. If she said so, things must have changed.

She believed that Consuela would not reveal her trace, but the man in her family might.

After cursing in her heart for a few words, Debbie was so fast that she didn't have time to stop herself and directly crashed into the arms of someone who was waiting for her.

Her waist was covered with a pair of big hands, and the light temperature went straight to her skin, without any warmth. On the contrary, it frightened her into a cold sweat.

He lowered his head and asked with a gloomy smile, "Debbie, did you have a good time outside?"

Debbie's face stiffened, and then subconsciously lifted her leg to take a step back, but only in exchange for a tighter hug. Baron's thin lips pressed against her ear, "where else do you want to go?"

"No... No, I didn't want to run. I just saw you all of a sudden and felt a little surprised... "

In the middle of her words, she was frightened by the cold air from the man's body and swallowed it all, and she could no longer speak eloquently.

Baron repeated the action of hugging the person, with his teeth against her delicate and white face, and his voice restored to the usual tenderness, "A little unexpected?"

Debbie, who was not lightly intimidated, began to talk nonsense, "An unexpected surprise."

The atmosphere here was very strange, and Consuela, who saw Debbie running away in the hall, couldn't sit still for a whi

have done a good thing in the back."

Richie looked at her with a half smile, "It's an illusion."

Well, that was a revenge.

Consuela rolled her eyes and walked in the moonlight. On the whole, it was a little different.

When they went back, Debbie and Baron also finished eating and prepared to leave. Richie raised his eyebrows and said, "No more sitting?"

Baron raised his lips and smiled with an ambiguous expression. He held Debbie tightly in his arms and said, "No, you shouldn't like others to stain your bed sheet. We have to go now."

Debbie's face turned to the color of pork liver.

But she didn't dare to touch the man's temper at this time.

Richie smirked, "ha ha."

"The man who needs abstinence like cousin can't feel that kind of feeling, ha ha."

Both of them began to laugh.

Consuela raised her eyes to look at the man whose face changed a little. She frowned and felt a tingle on her scalp.

Richie said at them, "Get out of here, immediately."

Baron took Debbie's hand and walked out with a bad face. "Let me tell you, our wedding date is ahead of schedule."


"I'll take you to see my parents tomorrow."


"Go to see your parents the day after tomorrow."




Debbie's face became more haggard. Looking at the smiling Baron beside her, she could only shake her head and say, "In fact, I'm not ready yet."

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