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   Chapter 356 Afraid of Meeting Him

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Debbie came back from abroad after a long time.

When Consuela received the message, she was already carrying her luggage and got in the taxi heading to her villa. All of a sudden, she was stunned by what she saw.

"Do you know what Baron is like when he can't find you?"

He was pissed off.

How dare she come back in this way?

On the other side of the phone, Debbie smiled casually and said, "I'm so scared, so I come over to you to hide for a while."

What she wanted to do was not to hide for a while, but try her best to escape.

At least, with the help of Richie, that man wouldn't have done anything improper to her.

Consuela was rendered speechless. After a few seconds, she replied," ... I may not be able to protect you."

When she answered the phone just now, the man with a playful look sat on the sofa opposite to her. Richie said with a half smile, "Debbie?"

He said only a word in silence, but in an instant, Consuela realized what he meant. She gritted her teeth and didn't say anything, but the woman on the other end of the phone shouted angrily, "Consuela, don't say so much anymore. I'm almost here, and I have to hang up now."

"Hello! Don't... "

As soon as she finished speaking, there was a busy tone from the other end of the line

The man, who was sitting opposite her, raised his hand and said to the servant standing behind him, "Go to the outside and take Miss Debbie here. Entertain her well."

"Will you..."

"No, I won't do anything to her, and I won't protect her either."

"If Baron come here for the sake of ..."

"Talk to him first to get what I want."

Son of a bitch, a cold-blooded and despicable businessman!

Consuela cursed angrily. She sprang to her feet, when she saw Richie dial a number, and cursed on the phone. However, she noticed the carefree look on his face.

"Have you informed Baron to come here?"

Richie looked at the pale face of the little woman in front of him. It seemed that he was a

and have a cup of hot tea."

Taking back his hand, Baron coldly looked at his cousin's behavior. He had to ask the servant to make another cup of tea for him.

"I'm not cold..." said Consuela worriedly.

Besides, it was this man who brought her the coolness deep in her heart.!

Without being aware of the danger, Debbie carried her small suitcase and was dragged into the villa by the servant. She was a little confused and asked, "Why don't you take me to the main gate?"

The servant's face was slightly stiff. She did not answer her question directly but said calmly, "Miss Debbie, please follow me closely. Here is a bit big and the road is a bit far."

Debbie's face darkened.

However, she had no choice but to follow the servant, lowering her head.

When the servant came to pick her up, she claimed that she was under the order of Mr. Richie. Debbie thought she could hide outside because of the protection of Richie, so she could not complain.

But she felt really aggrieved.

She looked around and felt that something was wrong. But she had to follow the servant closely. She was not in the mood to think about it.

In fact, she was not calm at all.

On the one hand, she left Baron so ruthlessly that she didn't explain anything to him. If she faced him now, she would be really scared.

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