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   Chapter 355 Persuasion

If You Want Me By Qing Cha Characters: 6869

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No one around the table said anything to give a warning. Obviously, they also didn't want to let this man go, but they didn't speak it out.

After all, Susie was the one who took care of her man and inherited her father's character.

Richie raised his eyebrows and smiled, "Since you're so generous, I won't refuse it."

Consuela snapped, rolling her eyes at him. She thought he wasn't a nice person, and he would let such a thing happen.

It was so obvious that he wanted to make that man drunk and lie prone on the ground.

However, even though Susie respected his evil cousin, she was actually afraid of him. She dared not to refute him.

She raised her head and looked worriedly at the man next to her, who was like a young boy. The deep color in his eyes was too seductive.

After he finished his drink, Richie silently made that man drunk. Then Consuela helped to support him. As he walked out, he noticed the moonlight shining on the ground.

He smiled gently. Some of his expressions were out of control, and his tongue was a little numb. He was not drunk, but his body had a natural reaction.

Richie was dizzy, so his question sounded stupid. "Did you see the look in Susie's eyes just now?" he asked.

Consuela nodded in agreement. She turned to look at Miranda behind her and asked her to ask the driver to drive over.

"Wow... I have never seen you look at me like that... With love and care... "

Ignoring his meaning, Consuela pushed him hard and retorted angrily, "You're not drunk. Don't pretend to be drunk. I won't buy it."

The man then took advantage of her hand and bounced closer to her. He smiled softly, and the strong smell of alcohol sprayed on her face.

The more she resisted his approaching, the more he wanted her attention and hoped that she could only see him in her eyes.

In this case, he needed to utilize his special ability of making others angry.

In fact, the contradictory look when she was angry and bit her lip with wide eyes and half aggrieved and half angry could really please him.

ld do harm to herself.

However, she had to be soft hearted towards the man, Richie.

Although they should not get married, and they should not have the children, but all of this "should not" become a reality.

It was like the fairyland that became true.

She couldn't erase it.

'Maybe we both owned each other a lot in the previous life, Richie.'

She owed him money but didn't pay it back. She wanted to be remembered, but he owed it.

The children kicked her happily in her belly as if they felt their father approaching. Consuela closed her eyes, and a serene frown appeared on her face.

By the way, she raised her hand and smoothed the frown of the man who was not sleeping well. There was an invisible tenderness in her eyes.

Then it vanished in the night.

After coming back from the Ye's house, they got along with each other as usual. Yesterday, when Consuela saw the squirrels that were more and more nourished, she didn't ask Richie to bring it back and continued to let Wendy keep them.

Anyway, it was just a coincidence for her to raise the squirrels, not as considerate as Wendy.

'When I have given birth to the children, I will keep a powerful golden retriever, just as the one kept by my neighbor, meek and...'

Although that dog was big and it acting like a spoiled child which was frightening, it was better on the whole.

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