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   Chapter 353 The Engagement Party

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The place was filled with hustle and bustle and the combination of many gossips became a burden, which made people feel out of breath.

Consuela rolled her eyes at her, feeling a bit annoyed. Then she said, "Yes, you're right. I always trust you."

Suddenly, Cassie gave her a pat and said seriously, "Well, speak of the devil and he will appear. Your man is coming."

However, the exaggerated expression on her face made Consuela frown. She shook off her hand and retorted, "Don't try to fool me. I won't let you fool me again."

Richie was talking with people over there just now. How could he let go of that big group of people and come over? She was not Angie, and she really did not deserve this kind of treatment.

However, a hoarse voice came from behind her, with a familiar feeling, almost to her ear. "Fool you for what?"

Consuela turned her head and banged her forehead on the man's chin, which made her grin and complain. The sharp pain made her face contort in pain. "Why are you getting so close?" she retorted.

The man whose chin was just banged touched slightly without any special expression. He cocked an eyebrow and looked at her, as if he felt that this woman was a little unreasonable.

He said lightly, "who said that I'm fine?"

Consuela was rendered speechless

After a moment of silence, she chuckled and said, "Don't come to me if anything happens."

Richie sighed helplessly. He lifted her chin and squinted at her forehead. A red mark was hit on her forehead, but it wasn't swollen.

"Come with me, meet some relatives you haven't seen before, and pick up some red envelopes by the way."

A dash of expectation flashed through Consuela's eyes as she asked cautiously, "Are they all mine?"

"Divide into one and nine." With a faint smile, he shook his fingers and uttered the words, as if he were a cunning fox.

Staring at him in silence, Consuela clenched her teeth and said, "... I have to think a

ny people's wishes.

Her anger on her face had gone, and now her face had only been filled with happiness.

The two of them held each other's hands tightly and smiled assimilatively.

Suddenly, Consuela broke the silence and said, "That's a modest introduction."

Richie did not answer her, but looked at the scene on the stage thoughtfully, as if he had thought of something important.

After Ronald gave a solemn introduction on the stage, the people under the stage all raised their hands and applauded. At this moment, it was noisy.

After the couple exchanged the rings on the stage, Consuela began to realize what was going on. It turned out that this was not a simple banquet, but she did not expect that it would also come with an engagement ceremony.

"Hey, your cousin will marry someone else soon. Do you have a feeling of heartache?"

Richie frowned and looked at her for a long time before he said calmly, "Are you insane?"

Although Susie had grew up with him, he had never brought her up. He didn't need to worry about that. Why should he have a feeling of heartache?

Being despised by the man, Consuela was in a bad mood, so she raised her head and glared at Richie.

Suddenly, she asked, "It seems that Tim is surrounded by many girls just now. What's going on?"

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