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   Chapter 352 A Morbid Attachment

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But she had never given up on this person.

Long time ago, she had known that the appearance of a person would make her give up all her pride and just meet his views.

That man appeared at a very young age, but he still hadn't accepted her.

But it didn't matter.

Cassie's eyes were fixed on the man who flattered and laughed in the crowd. There was still a lifetime of time between them.

She didn't believe that he wouldn't like her when he was old.

Cassie had a good plan in her mind. A bright smile was plastered on her face, making her even more frightened. Consuela's shoulders trembled as she couldn't help but shiver.

"What's on your mind? Why are you smiling like that?"

"What the hell are you talking about? I'm just thinking about something that makes me happy,"

Consuela pursed her lips, thinking, 'She must be thinking about something pleasant. Otherwise, she wouldn't have laughed so happily.'

She shook her head and couldn't guess what kind of secret was in this woman's mind.

Since Cassie's eyes were so narrowed that Consuela didn't know where her eyes were fixed on.

When she turned her head, she saw Richie standing on the temporary set up table and talking to a man in black uniform. His expression was serious, but sometimes he was somewhat absent-minded.

She didn't expect him to be distracted when he was working, but a few moments later, she calmed down.

She peeked at the man who was smiling at her with his deep eyes.

She translated the words. It said three words: wait and see.

Then she started to feel uneasy under the gaze of the man from time to time, but the comrade next to her had been misled by the enemy.

As for Miranda who followed her... It seemed that she had been the spy planted by her husband, but she was reluctant to change another person.

After some pause, she lowered her head, avoiding eye contact with the m

her, she heard a ridicule by Cassie.

"Your husband has seen here more than ten times. If he is really worried about you. Just come here and take care of you himself. I can't believe that a person, who has always been so domineering, is actually a coward."

Well, would he be a coward?

Don't take the words as a joke. She was really scared.

Consuela looked in the direction of the woman's gaze, and instantly realized that she was fooled.

The man was surrounded by several foreign people with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was too busy to see her.

When she was about to turn around and say something to Cassie.

In the corner of her eyes, she saw that Richie was facing her face. The polite smile he wore to deal with others had not come down for a while, so he looked straight at her.

When Consuela turned her head around, she only saw the back side of his head.

Cassie gently patted her on the back and smiled mischievously. "Wow, you are so innocent. I just lied to you. I didn't expect you to take it seriously."

Consuela rolled her eyes at the woman. It seemed that she was the one who had made her a blind and disorderly conjecture about the matter. Now, she just sat there, seeming indifferent, as if she had nothing to do with it.

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