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   Chapter 347 Mrs. Richie

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Unable to resist the strong alcohol, the woman leaned on Mr. Richie all the time. She was the granddaughter of Richie's grandfather's comrade. Because of their good relationship, she often came here to get acquainted with the members of the Ye Clan. Later she was sent to study abroad.

Her purpose of coming here was to ask about Richie's likes and dislikes. Now she came back from abroad and became so bold.

Miranda was about to frown at the sight of it.

However, Mrs. Richie was still sighing with the help of the camera. She seemed not to be anxious about it.

"Mrs. Richie, are you..."

Consuela turned her head to look at Miranda, who was running after her worriedly. "What do you want to say?" she asked.

'Don't you want to go to a fierce battle?'

That was her husband registered in the household register!

Maybe it was because of the fury in her tone that others could easily see through her mind now. Consuela pursed the corner of her mouth and rose in an arc. She was not really in a bad mood.

Consuela turned off the camera function. After she finished saving the document, she turned off the phone and began comforting the maid.

"Don't be panic. If it's your stuff, no one else can take it. If it's not your stuff, or it's in your arms and in your mouth, there's a way to take it away."

In fact, the place Consuela stood was not very hidden. It was just because Richie was surrounded by that person, so he didn't have the energy to distract his eyes. Accidentally, he raised his head and saw Consuela.

Besides, there was a hint of joy on Consuela's face, which made him look like he was dusted in the pan.

When Consuela noticed the young man's confused gaze, she flashed a mischievous smile and pressed her lips.

Richie lowered his head and pushed away the girl who was about to reach out to him.

But for her vanity, she didn't make any moves. The smile at th

uela copied one of his lines. "Hey, beautiful young lady," she said.

Upon hearing this, the woman turned her head away from Richie and gave Consuela a straight face.

With delicate eyes, red face, rosy lips and delicate face, she was really a beauty and tall figure. What did she want?

She frowned and asked, "What can I do for you?"

Her voice was a little hoarse because of the wine. It seemed there was some sand rubbing on the smooth paper.

"No, I didn't..." Before Consuela could finish her sentence, the woman standing behind her silently massaged the woman's waist.

It made her realize at once, pulling a long face, "Miranda, tell this lady, what do we want to do?"

Miranda, "What..."

This was absolutely a revenge.

She didn't know what to say but let her speak for her. It was so despicable.

"Mr. Richie, Mrs. Richie invites you to go to see something with her," she said on purpose.

As for what it was, she didn't need to waste her time.

The woman who wanted to approach Richie was stunned and repeated, "Mrs. Richie..."

Consuela knew what he meant, so she replied meaningfully. "Yes. What's the matter?"

Obviously, she was taking advantage of her.

The smirk in his eyes widened, and Consuela almost laughed out loud.

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