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   Chapter 345 The Irascible Young Man

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Standing at the door, Miranda couldn't help but curl her lips. She found that Mrs. Richie was so shameless now.

She seemed to be afraid of Richie's worry a moment ago, but now she said it so skillfully and effortlessly.

No one knew how skillful she was at it.

She hadn't accompanied them when they came to the Ye's house before, so she hadn't seen the couple show off love hand in hand.

She couldn't stand it anymore.

Among the five of them, three of them were shocked by Consuela's words. It seemed that she was telling the truth.

Susie gritted her teeth and cursed in her mind, 'Shame on you!'

Wendy seemed to be satisfied after she finished her words. She stood up and said to Richie that he shouldn't make things difficult for Susie, and then she left.

She wanted to leave these young people some space for chatting.

She left with a smile, leaving a cloud behind.

However, Richie grabbed her hand and grasped it firmly. Glaring at the woman with a cheeky grin, he asked, "Tell me the truth or just tell a lie?"

Looking at the man's facial expression, Consuela knew that he wouldn't miss any subtle expression on her face.

"Whatever you say."

Susie sitting on the opposite side couldn't stand it anymore. The party was held for her in the first place, but the host was now dealing with this kind of thing. Her expression was inevitably subtle.

She stood up and said, "Since Consuela has come back, then I'll leave first without disturbing you two."

Susie addressed Consuela reluctantly.

On the other hand, Consuela had been observing her expression all the time. When she noticed that Susie was looking at her, she grinned wickedly.

Again, Susie doubted her cousin's aesthetic standards and outlook on life.

She couldn't help saying, "Richie, I didn't expect that you would marry Consuela."

Richie raised his eyebrows and said, "Well, you h

get up, he was stopped by someone. He raised his head and looked at his wife with a frown. It seemed that he was very dissatisfied with her behavior. Thus, Consuela had to explain in a low voice, "I think Susie needs to say something to you. I'd better leave now."

"You are not an outsider. Why are you avoiding it?"

When he said that Consuela was not an outsider, Susie who was sitting on the opposite, twitched the corners of her mouth uncontrollably.

She wondered what this woman had done to her cousin to make him look like this.

She thought that she was just an outsider.

Unfortunately, she couldn't even utter a single word to defend herself.

Consuela patted his hand and said patiently, "I know I'm not an outsider. But I still want to show off and let others know that you have a wife, not to scare others."


"Do you know that you are like a young man with short-lived vitality who can't live without me?"

"Fuck off!"

Consuela stared at him, patted her sleeve, and then slowly walked out of the room.

Out of the sight of the scary man, Consuela patted the trembling girl and smiled gently. "That narrow minded man didn't hold you accountable just now. You won't have any worries in the future. Just rest assured."

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