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   Chapter 342 Treating Differently

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The wind was blowing softly, and the man-made river in the yard was still flowing lightly. Everything seemed to return to the nature and simple, which just added a pleasant smell.

By this moment, Susie realized that she should not be too angry with shameless people. She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down.

She put on a false smile and said, "You are more than despicable and shameless."

The smile on Consuela's face widened. She pointed at Susie's pale fingers and warned, "If you continue to press the recording pen like this, I'm afraid that it will be cut off by the force."

Susie put the recorder pen into her purse, "... What do you want? "

She gritted her teeth and cried out in anger. People who didn't know her would think that she was bullied by a pregnant woman.

Now she pulled back the topic again.

Squinting her eyes, Consuela glared at her. She wasn't tall enough to raise her head to look at her. As a result, she looked less aggressive, and even a little weak.

However, neither of them was aware of this.

"I hope that you can be more careful this time. Don't recruit any thieves to the house," Consuela insisted.

Susie stared at her.

Now it seemed that the biggest thief should be the pregnant woman in front of her.

The woman was so shocked that she spoke without thinking. "Well, I don't believe that you can get pregnant so quickly. I'm afraid the children in your belly are not the members of the Ye Clan. It's mysterious."

The corners of Consuela's lips curled up a little. She didn't seem to care much about Susie's current condition. She smiled and said, "I just drugged a few more times. And then I was able to go to the bed more times."

Consuela smiled deeply and Susie really wanted to run to her to tear up her smile.


"I know I am shameless."

She was very ashamed to speak out her own shameless thing in such a respectful tone. What a shame!

"Even if the children are my cousin's, we can't let you take care of it." Susie said, biting her lips.

Otherwise, she would have made them

e line seemed to know what she was thinking, so he said with a gentle smile, "You have seen Susie, haven't you? She is a very good girl."

Consuela thought for a while and replied, "Yes, I have."

She didn't figure out that Susie was a good girl.

On the other side of the phone, Richie was silent for a few seconds. Then he said, "I had treated her a meal the day she came back. Don't worry."

No, no, No. she didn't worry that their relationship would not get worse.

In no time, Consuela ended the call in weariness.

She was determined to go back the way she came to find her and then go back to the main yard with her.

Anyway, she was with her at that time, so she couldn't really do anything to her.

In Sruthan Building, Mary stood behind Richie with a notebook in her hand. Her eyes hidden under the glasses glittered with anger.

She opened her mouth, "Mr. Richie, the administrators inside are getting anxious."

Richie raised his hand and made her calm down. Then he talked to the other end of the phone for a long time. It was not until the other end of the line hung up that he said in a calm voice, "Let's go inside."

He walked ahead and Mary followed him. She was filled with envy.

She had just seen him tightening his lips and frowning, as if a man who could fire a fire at any time. When he saw the caller's name on his phone, he smiled gently.

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