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   Chapter 340 Good Means

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The living room was silent. A gust of wind was blowing through the small window in the outer room.

Holding the plate, Miranda was stiff and said in disbelief, "But Mrs. Richie, it is Mr. Richie who..."

Walking up to the dining table and looking at the cold breakfast, Consuela curled her lips into a smile and said, "I don't want to eat the king's breakfast either."

Miranda thought in her heart, "What..."

She must be mad at him again.

Consuela walked around the kitchen and asked indifferently, "Did he go out again?"

Following her, Miranda said obediently, "Mr. Richie went out early."

He went out very early, but still made breakfast for her. He did not force her to eat.

"Miranda, do you think I'm an unreasonable person?"

Furrowing her eyebrows, Consuela realized that there was something wrong with her words. She couldn't help but frown when she asked her. She wanted to stop Miranda from talking anymore.

Indeed, it was reasonable for them to kick up a fuss like this every day.

But even if she was hired by money, she couldn't say anything about it.

Looking at the maid's long face, Consuela knew that Miranda knew what she said. A bad feeling set in her heart.

But she couldn't explain everything to her, or else her reputation would be ruined.

"… Are you okay, Mrs. Richie?" Miranda sensed that there was something wrong.

Although Consuela didn't look displeased in appearance, she could still feel it.

"Nothing... By the way, did Mrs. Ye tell us when..."

"Oh, gosh! My poor memory! Mrs. Richie, Mrs. Ye informed you yesterday to have lunch at the Ye's house."

To the Ye's house for lunch?

Stunned, Consuela nodded.

She had no reason to refuse the elder's requests. Although the elder treated her well, it was only because of her unborn children and her present identity.

After telling Richie about this and learning what the man was busy with, she hung up the phone immediately

hich was not covered by the autumn scenery outside and was filled with vitality.

Looking around the place, which was isolated and silent, Consuela drew out her hand and said indifferently, "No one will come here, Susie. Just tell me what you want."

The innocent smile on her face now was replaced by embarrassment.


"I'm OK, you say it."

It was hard for anyone to keep it in their heart. Consuela knew it better.

"Well, then I may be a little disrespectful to you in the following words..." Susie Ye raised her head to look at the aloof woman, and there was a grave expression on her face.

Although she would feel a little disrespectful, she had to speak it out.

Raising her head, Consuela smiled at her, trying to encourage her to say those words as soon as possible.

Irritated by her careless eyes, the girl couldn't help asking, "Consuela, did you drug... How did you climb up my brother's bed?"

Then she rested her eyes on Consuela's swollen belly, which was the evidence that had been left after she had done such an absurd thing.

The look in her eyes became stiff and sharper. "What else?"

Hearing her answer, Susie Ye thought she said yes. An unfriendly glint flashed in her eyes.

She could only lament in her heart the woman's good means.

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