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   Chapter 335 Stupid Teammate

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She stopped wiping her mouth slightly as well. After lowering her head and adjusting her mood and expression, she raised her head and wore an apologetic smile, as if she was teasing him.

She answered very quickly, "Yes, it's me."

Richie kept silent for a few seconds, and then said with a smile, "Oh, it's you. You came back at that time. Why didn't you contact me?"

Even at that time, she had no intention of admitting. Moreover, the last time she appeared was for the purpose of stopping the cooperation between Sruthan Group and the others.

Angie's eyes wandered, and the smile at the corners of her mouth deepened again. Richie could see that it was the way she looked when she was confident.

She had already prepared to deal with it, or she wouldn't have given such a quick response.

Angie picked up the knife and fork and took a bite of the steak he had cut, then she said with a light smile, "I just wanted to draw your attention at that time, and it looked good."

Her dark green eyes twinkled with smile, as if someone had crushed the starlight, and all of them were reflected in her eyes. Although her face was still a little injured, it was still bright.

Richie let out a sigh and marveled at her beauty. Her every smile was natural and alluring.

The elegant woman only pursed her lips silently. The music was still going on, melodious and with some kind of atmosphere.

"You really pissed me off at that time." With one hand supporting his forehead, Richie slightly lowered his eyes, so no one could see the color in his eyes.

That was really pissing him off. He had been annoyed for a long time because of the medicine issue. The thought of it made his eyes depressed.

Looking at the silent man, Angie stopped eating and said, "Sorry, I just want to make a joke with you."

Suddenly, the cell phone in his pocket rang. The vibrating sound came through the thin clothes, which was very close to his skin. He could clearly feel it.

It successfully stopp

e schadenfreude, "I advise you to take Angie out of that western restaurant as soon as possible."

On the other side was a half body mirror. He turned around and looked at the reflection of the phone in the mirror. He smiled softly, "It's really annoying to have a stupid teammate like you."

Judging from the woman's tone, it was clear that he would cause trouble if he continued to stay there.

Cassie laughed exaggeratedly and said, "I'm flattered. By the way, I'll hang up."

Before she could hang up the phone, he had already done what she wanted.

After staring at himself in the mirror for a long time, he picked up his phone and dialed another number. Then he talked with the person on the other end of the line for a long time.

When he went back to the restaurant, the steak in Angie's plate was almost the same as when he left. He bent slightly and tapped on the table.

When Angie was in deep thought, she looked up at that handsome face and lightly asked, "well?"

"Let's go to another place. The steak here isn't authentic. I'll take you to a great place."

It was he who didn't ask anything and took her here just now.

After a moment's silence, Angie's face turned pale and said, "Okay, I'll listen to you."

Then they left together.

After they left, Cassie took Consuela to the restaurant.

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