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   Chapter 334 Reunion After Discharging From Hospital

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Keeping silent for a while, Tristan raised his head to help her adjust the speed of her infusion and whispered in her ear, "Don't do anything to her."

Angie was stunned and said, "but..."

Her job was to sabotage their marriage, which was also indirectly harmful to her. Now why did he do this?

"Your task is just to sabotage their relationship. Someone else will take over it for you." Afraid that Angie wouldn't believe him, Tristan gave a flawless smile and said, "Don't worry. You can still get what you want."

Angie bit her dry lips and thought that she couldn't get what she wanted, because this man wouldn't agree.

"Are you thirsty?" Tristan looked at her so tenderly that she couldn't help but love him. He saw the dim looking woman nodding her head.

And then Tristan got up naturally and fed her with water. His every move was as natural as before.

But, according to his identity, he did not need to care about others in this way.

Angie was not in a good mood. Her eyelashes hung down and she could see the man's pure white sleeves, the diamond cuff was shiny and the collar was embroidered with a vague handmade English embroidery.

But it wasn't short for his name.

It seemed as if it was only a mark that was casually written by the person.

"If the mission is successful, what do you want me to get?" Angie couldn't help but ask.

Tristan took off his sunglasses all of a sudden. In his clear eyes, there was a reflection of pale look on her face.

"…… Man or wealth, as long as you have the ability to do that."


What she wanted was not anyone else...

Tristan stood up and gently tucked the quilt for her and said, "Angie, you should know that I hate greedy people the most."

Then, in her dull eyes, Tristan stood up, cleared up his sleeves and said, "It's too late, I'll come to see you again later."

As he spoke, he put on the sunglasses that he had just taken off and left straight away withou

the corner of her mouth and looked down at the well cut steak on the table. She doubted that her mouth would hurt if she ate it.

The words of Richie were too direct. She had to pretend that she hadn't heard his words.

Otherwise, her previous efforts to play a role in him would be shattered.

It was really a challenge to stay with someone who was too shameless.

His visible eyes had been focused on her, as if he was afraid that she would not feel it. He even added a sigh occasionally.

Angie's hands under the table slowly clenched. She finally did not feel at ease to eat the steak. She raised her head with a fake smile. "Don't worry about anything, just ask."

While speaking, she put down her knife and fork a little disappointedly and wiped her mouth with the napkin on the table. The dark green eyes reflected the apologetic expression of the man on his face.

How could he exaggerate?

When Angie was cursing Richie in her heart, she saw him pour a glass of lemonade for her elegantly and slowly and said with a smile, "The mysterious person who intercepted the medicine seemed to be similar to you."

The man's voice was magnetic and clean, like the first ray of sunshine in the morning, which could not hold back the warmth at that time.

Angie's eyes were slightly cold.

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