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   Chapter 333 Jealousy (2)

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Richie became more and more satisfied with the touch. He narrowed his eyes to conceal the smile in his eyes. He lowered his eyelids, and the shadow of his eyes fell under the moonlight.

Richie looked up at her and asked tentatively, "What else can mom do about what you like?"

Consuela believed that as long as Richie and she didn't argue with each other, his mother would be able to love her more. His mother was eager to find anything she liked and send it to her as soon as possible. She wouldn't do anything to hurt her.

Maybe it was because of what had happened last time, she was not sure. She didn't avert her eyes from Richie and merely smiled.

"Since your mother also likes them, then let her keep them." Maybe they would be fatter than being kept by their irresponsible master.

"It sounds like you are cursing," said Richie, raising an eyebrow

Consuela was rendered speechless

'Can't I enjoy a good chat?'

However, Richie didn't notice that she was in a bad mood. He held her hand and walked slowly in the garden.

The scenery along the way was somewhat unnatural, and many flowers that shouldn't have bloomed in this season were cultivated very well. The bright petals seemed lifeless in the moonlight breeze.

Just like Richie's normal appearance.

Finally, she looked at the back of Richie's head and said gently, "In fact, I've been curious about what you want to do about Angie and me."

She paused, and of course, Richie, who had been focusing on walking her speed, stopped as well. He furrowed his eyebrows, not in the mood to answer the question.

"Don't try to escape. I'm a little panicked when I see you like this. Maybe the baby won't grow well."

"Are you threatening me openly and brazenly? You are getting bolder. " He turned around and stood with his back to the moon.

A ray of silver light fell from his shoulders and into her eyes. The color of the light reflected in

Back then, Baron used the excuse of harmonizing his relationship with Consuela, he asked a lot of money from him.

Speaking of "shame", he did think highly of that man's image.

In the VIP ward of the hospital, the flowers on Angie's hospital bed cabinet were replaced by white lilies in place of carnations.

She looked at the man who was wearing sunglasses growing up abroad, thinking in her mind that he should have bought flowers casually in a flower shop and had no idea of the language of carnations.

Tristan sat on the edge of her bed naturally and asked, "Is there any progress in your relationship?"

Because of the sunglasses, it was hard to tell how he was feeling at the moment.

Angie raised the corners of her mouth to cover the distress in her eyes. She thought that her image must be ruined now, which would make this neat freak uncomfortable.

"Not many, but a little."

Tristan nodded and said, "Did you meet his wife face to face?"

Although she was surprised by this person's attention, she still tried to suppress some thoughts in her heart and nodded with a frown.

"Yes." His wife was a woman with indescribable feelings.

It seemed like she didn't care about Richie's cheating behavior, or she wanted to forgive any crime of the person.

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