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   Chapter 330 A Head On Confrontation

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The atmosphere was a little awkward.

In the end, the woman lying on the sickbed was not allowed to move. She raised her lips slightly and looked at two acquaintances. "Aren't you going to introduce me?"

She was well taken care of. Although her voice was a little hoarse, it did not affect her hearing. She was still beautiful as usual.

There was only a glimmer in her dark green eyes. The exaggerated bandages on her head had been taken apart, and there were no big wounds on her head and face.

A quiet beauty.

Debbie could not find a woman comparable to her since the last time she took a glance at her.

Now, even though the woman was sick, she was still beautiful, which made the others feel jealous.

Cassie coughed and then walked up to them reluctantly. She introduced them to each other. When she mentioned Consuela, she paused for a moment, as if she wanted to share something with Angie.

She smiled and said: "This is the wife of Richie."

Consuela nodded in response. Looking at the expression on Angie's face, she added with a smile, "Miss Angie, I've been dying to see you."

The woman in the bed looked the same, but she gnashed her teeth in anger. 'Well! I have been wanting to see you, but you haven't come until now.'

She must have meant to make fun of her.

Her expression remained unchanged, and even her tone of voice was as gentle as ever. "I'm sorry, everyone. You came to see me, but I can't get up and entertain you well."

Standing next to them, Debbie couldn't say anything but chuckled.

It seemed that Angie was not a mistress who got involved in other people's relationship at all. Instead, she was like a true hostess.

"In fact, I also want to sit with you and have a cup of tea and chat with you. But I'm not convenient now. When I have time later, let's find a place to get together, okay?"

Angie s

In this small space, there were piles of garbage, which made them very uncomfortable.

Pursing her lips, Consuela looked at the worried woman next to her.

"Baron, you bastard!"

The woman's growl resounded through the room, as if she had been robbed. With a twist of her mouth, Consuela retreated three meters away.

She was afraid of being hurt by this woman.

After losing her temper, she quickly took out her phone and called Baron. Without wasting any time, the person at the other end of the line said, "I have moved all the stuff to the house we had seen last time. I have put the key into the vase where you had put."

Debbie dashed towards the broken stuff and saw the only blue china vase in the room. After pulling out the plastic flower, she also saw a bunch of keys.

The name of the apartment was carved on it.

It was newly bought. It had been sold out even before it was put on sale.

When she went to the apartment with Baron, that seemingly harmless but old fox said bluntly, "I've been looking for this place for a long time, with a broad view, and a garden and a swimming pool. It's all in good condition."

At that time, Debbie said scornfully, "What do you want to say?"

"This is our wedding room."

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