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   Chapter 326 Persuading (1)

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Instantly, Consuela got angry. She replied, "I can go home whenever I want. You don't have to pick me up. You're busy and you'd better stay in the hospital to accompany your little lover."

After sending the message, her mood was completely ruined. And the man on the other side thought it was ridiculous, but he still managed to reply.

"How come I have the smell of mature vinegar? It's really a bad smell."

The conversation ended. Consuela didn't want to talk to this bad man with a foul mouth anymore. She went off the line and went straight to her bed.

The next morning, when she got in the driver's car and was about to leave, she ran into the man who liked to wear white clothes after he walked the dog.

The man stood still with a natural smile, and his voice was soft and melodious. He looked innocent as he said, "morning..."

"My name is Consuela Xia,"

The woman who was about to get in the car immediately stopped the man from calling her beautiful lady. She really felt that she would die on young age, if he called her beautiful lady.

According what she looked like now, she should be described more precisely as a beautiful young woman.

Then she began to glance at herself, she couldn't tell whether she was beautiful or not.

The man covered his mouth with his hand, but she could still see his upward lips from his fingers. He said, "Tristan."

Consuela nodded and got into the car, hearing the driver's voice calling her.

It seemed that Baron was driven out of the rented house due to the fierce marriage arranged by his mother, so the place they would met now was the rented house.

When she arrived, Debbie had taken off her apron. She raised her eyebrows, showing no worrying emotion that she got from the Internet, and said, "You are lucky to meet me, because I just cooked a table of dishes."

Every time the woman was in a bad mood, she would do housework and cook. Looking at the clean and tidy house, Consuela was sure that she was in a bad mood.

Then she sat down with a pair of chopsticks in her

rld, most of all was because of love or not.

"Consuela, there are a lot of things that can't be broken by love," Debbie raised her head and gave a bitter smile. She had never behaved cowardly in front of others.

The smile on her face was so enchanting that Consuela immediately put down the tableware and carried a small chair. Then she held the woman, who sat up straight like a primary school student, in her arms.

Since she was pregnant now, she could only put her head on her belly and let her hear the strong fetal heart beat.

"But I know that you and Baron really don't need any matching."

Both Baron's care for her and her pregnancy could allow them to live well in the future.

Maybe it was because she had met with the mother of Richie, Wendy, she felt that Baron's mother was very similar to his mother. Baron's mother was also a person who was considerate.

"… But I... " Debbie was so embarrassed that she was unable to speak. She did have some problems to solve.

And Baron's mother, she also felt that the woman was kind-hearted, and would not act like in the popular idol drama now, and writing a check and asking her to get out of there as far as she could.

"I know it's not the time for us to enjoy life only with love, but are you willing to believe him?"

Did she believe that man would promise her the most enviable future?

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