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   Chapter 319 Let Out A Sigh Of Relief

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As the saying goes, "Birds of a feather flock together." at this moment, Richie was fully aware of the authenticity of this saying.

He should protect her and her happiness as well as any other evil people, no matter who they were.

Richie thought about other things in his heart, but he was still joking about Consuela. He was a man with the utmost concentration as he was thinking of something else. "If I were really a scum, I would grasp it both hard," he answered.

Sitting in the car, the woman's face was slightly pale and the laughter gradually stopped. She just stared at the man with that pair of invulnerable eyes.

It seemed as if she wanted to shoot a hole on his body.

Richie had no choice. Then he patted her head, but the hollow palm did not make much noise.

With a sneer, he threatened, "If you keep glaring at me like that, I'll dig your eyes out and throw them away."

As soon as she heard this, Consuela, who had been staring at Richie with fury, looked away and trembled a little.

Richie looked at her action with a slight smile. He didn't think the trembling woman was pathetic. He just wanted to beat her hard.

"Just kidding with you. Do you take it seriously?"


"……" His face was a little embarrassed. He looked at the woman's dark eyes and said, "Can't you see that I'm kidding?"

After a short pause, Consuela shook her head and said in a sarcastic voice, "You think you're funny. But it's all blocked by the evil look on your face."

Richie was upset this time.

He was one of the most handsome men in L City. No one had imagined that he would be considered as an evildoer one day.

"Believe it or not, I don't have a mirror at hand, otherwise I can give you a better view of your... Demeanor. "

"…… Just shut up. "

Squinting at him, Consuela cooperated with him. She didn't start talking until she entered the house of the Xia Clan.

"Do you have any other pla

ead and put her hands on his. Then she pulled his hands off her face.

There was a clear smile on her face, but no joy in her eyes. She was now exhausted. It seemed that she wanted him to leave as soon as possible.

And she didn't want him let her work hard on it anymore.

Richie was displeased by this thought. He looked at her silently for a long time. Finally, he was a little impatient and said, "I'm leaving now. If you have any problem, remember to call me. Turn on the phone twenty-four hours later, and I'll be here, when you call me at any time."

Consuela nodded and watched him leave the house.

He could be here at any time and the phone could be turned on twenty-four hours a day? He would give a cold shoulder to her when she had something important.

She knew too well that when she saw that person leave. She felt like the vital energy that blocked her throat was poured out, and she was weak.

Her mother knocked on the door and came in. When she saw Consuela sitting on the deck chair on the balcony, she was a little angry. "Why are you staying here in the cold wind instead of seeing him off?"

Now it was the autumn season. The wind at night had fallen. It was indeed a little cold.

Consuela changed the subject. "Mom, why don't you stay with dad?"

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